Registration process of refugees in Presevo, Serbia, a transit location for refugees heading to the EU. courtesy Flickr

Successful democratic immigration policy needs moderation

While gut reactions to immigration policy tend to lean toward extremism, only moderate policies seem politically feasible. Certain debates come along that define the way political discourse gets carried out for the next generation. In American history, the most prevalent examples are slavery in the early republic and government intervention in the market starting around […]

Christian Bale stars as Dick Cheney in “VICE.” courtesy Plan B Entertainment

“VICE:” great production value, but unruly plot

Despite slick costumes and terrific performances, “VICE” falls flat. As award season begins, multiple major directors, writers and actors will collaborate on some incredible films. One of the most attention-grabbing trailers late in 2018 was for “VICE.” The movie boasts a star studded cast and sees Adam McKay of “Anchorman,” “Stepbrothers” and “Ant-Man” fame direct […]

Oklahoma poverty rates rise above the national average, with black people being the most affected group. courtesy Oklahoma Policy Institute

Oklahoma Policy Institute reveals 2017 poverty stats

The new statistics reveal that complex forces are driving up poverty rates in Oklahoma. Last week, the Oklahoma Policy Institute, a non-partisan think-tank that assesses the impact of state level policy, issued its yearly report on statistics concerning poverty in Oklahoma. The statistics come from the United States Census Bureau’s Survey on the American Community […]

Jeff Sessions arriving at President Trump’s inauguration. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Parallels between Russia investigation and Nixon’s crimes

Trump firing his attorney general is a reminder of Nixon’s impeachment, yet Trump’s administration is more competent. Tuesday’s midterms have held the nation’s attention for month now, and rightly so. The midterms presented Democrats with a chance to congressionally check an out-of-control president and protect the investigation into that president’s contacts and possible cooperation with […]

Crossing the U.S.-Mexico border will prove difficult for the refugees. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Anxiety over immigrant caravan result of partisan xenophobia

President Trump’s reaction to the 6,000 people heading to the U.S.-Mexico border highlights the racial bias influencing his politics. The midterm elections are only a few days away, and people have wondered if an October surprise, a crazy political happening in the last few days of an election cycle, is even possible in 2018. Our […]

Bolsonaro a fascist threat to Brazilian democracy

Jair Bolsonaro’s election to the Brazilian presidency represents a four-decade political regression for the nation. Since the 2016 primaries, many Americans have criticized the toxic nature of contemporary American politics. This criticism usually focuses on President Trump, for obvious reasons. The man has gone beyond dog whistling to stoke his base and is now just […]

Journalist’s murder should end US-Saudi relationship

Killing the Saudi journalist is the most heinous act of Mohammed bin Salman’s career as crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia has always been one rooted in mutual gain rather than shared values. The Saudis have long benefited from arms agreements with the United States, and the […]

Players from Man U, Juventus and PSG square up. graphic by Conner Maggio

Champions League roundup matchday 3

The Champions are halfway through the group stage, and soccer expert Chris Lierly delivers a recap on the highest level of European competition. Manchester United 0 Juventus 1 Juventus proved victorious in Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford, as Paulo Dybala’s 17’ goal sealed the win. After that initial strike, however, the rest of the […]

graphic by Conner Maggio

Nation’s League a waste

Soccer expert Chris Lierly breaks down Klopp’s view on the controversial Nation’s League. Summer 2018 saw France stand victorious with the World Cup trophy after beating Croatia in the final game. But the French were not the only team proud of their performance in Russia. South Korea and Mexico beat Germany, England reached the semi-finals […]