Kevin Barnes, Of Montreal’s frontman, wrote “UR FUN” about his girlfriend. courtesy Polyvinyl Record Co.

Of Montreal’s “UR FUN” not fun at all, actually

The indie artist’s newest album betrays the inventiveness of their previous discography. A series of uncharacteristically straightforward, boring synth pop singles led up to Of Montreal’s 2020 release, “UR FUN.” (Yes, it’s a bad album title. The cover art also blows. We don’t have to get into it.) Of Montreal’s front man and polyamorous super […]

Unheard of: student only sleeps four hours

Student announces he only slept four hours last night, shocking his peers. Local business student Cody Montgomery was sent to CSAS’s quiet room this morning for spiritual and physical healing after making the shocking announcement to his 9 a.m. intro to chemistry course that he only got four hours of sleep that night. Shocked by […]

Illiteracy in Oklahoma a complex, modern problem

Illiteracy impacts more than just the ability to read a book; it can also affect the success of one’s children. Literacy is no longer simply the ability to read and write, but the ability to navigate adulthood using information. In a 2013 study, The National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) defines literacy as the ability […]

Tyler, The Creator released “IGOR,” his fifth studio album, in May 2019. courtesy Pitchfork

Tyler, The Creator’s “IGOR” sharp and sensitive

Tyler, The Creator incorporates emotional intensity and complex sounds in “IGOR.” Maybe this is a cheesy opening line, but I feel fully confident in saying that Tyler, The Creator’s 2019 release, “IGOR,” at least qualified highly as being the sound of the summer. It has the warbling, textured and emotionally complex nature that I feel […]

Courtroom sketch of Joe Exotic from his early April hearing. courtesy Todd Pendleton and The Oklahoman

Former gubernatorial candidate found guilty of murder-for-hire

Joe Exotic paid an undercover FBI agent to take the life of a critic of his private zoo practices. A federal jury has convicted Joe Exotic, an Oklahoma native, zoo owner, YouTuber and former Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, of attempting to hire a hitman to kill Carole Baskin, the founder of the Big Cat Rescue located […]

Critics have lauded Jordan Peele’s “Us” as an “elevated horror” film. courtesy Collider

The elevated horror genre is an arbitrary distinction

Subdividing the horror genre unnecessarily restricts films and misleads viewers. “Elevated horror” is a term I’ve seen people slinging around a fair bit recently, particularly in reference to the rise of films like Jordan Peele’s “Us” and “Get Out,” as well as John Krasinski’s entrance into the horror genre with “A Quiet Place.” The term […]

The anti-vax movement in the past and present

While negligible on a national scale, the amount of people openly skeptical about the safety and efficacy of vaccines has been rising Anti-vaccination content has been increasingly under a spotlight in the last few years, and it’s only become more polarizing with this increased attention. While the anti-vaccination movement has been growing, it’s been met […]

Okla. Democratic HQ vandalized

The building, located in Oklahoma City, was spray-painted with neo-Nazi imagery. On Sunday, March 21, authorities found the parking lot, sidewalk and windows of the Oklahoma Democratic HQ in Oklahoma City spray-painted with neo-Nazi propaganda, homophobic and racial slurs and fascist imagery, including swastikas. Similarly threatening graffiti was found in the Oklahoma City office of […]

Fast-paced schedules don’t always allow for lunch. photo by Conner Maggio

Efficiency anxiety due to political and economic pressures

America’s high stakes political and economic systems take away the ability to enjoy leisure activities. I sometimes wonder what motivates me to do certain things: volunteering for an event, taking a certain course, applying for summer internships, friending someone on Facebook or adding them on LinkedIn, journaling, taking a friend out to lunch, writing an […]