“White is Relic/Irrealis Mood,” of Montreal’s 15th studio album, gets muddled in its cryptic songwriting. Courtesy Polyvinyl Record Co.

New of Montreal album conceptually flawed

“White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood” is spotted with moments of lyrical efficacy and snappy synths but finds itself burdened by bloated track lengths. The indie rock band of Montreal has been going 21 years strong under the direction of frontman Kevin Barnes. Barnes’s last decade of musical releases has found him oscillating between obscure muses and […]

The TEDxUniversityofTulsa speakers included not just students and faculty, but many Tulsans unaffiliated with the university. Photo by Adam Lux

TEDxTU spotlights footnotes from Tulsa speakers

TEDxUniversityofTulsa once again allowed TU and the Tulsa community to share ideas on local and global scales. This year’s TEDxUniversityofTulsa talks mark the event’s fourth anniversary and its first time inviting all of Tulsa to participate. The running theme of this year was “Footnotes,” meaning each of the event’s fourteen talks called to attention topics […]

“Transangelic Exodus” features an industrial sonic landscape and choppy synths. Courtesy Bella Union

New Ezra Furman album an exploration of otherness

Furman’s latest release “Transangelic Exodus” is a concept album centering around illegal angels and an outlaw narrator. Ezra Furman’s newest solo album, “Transangelic Exodus,” centers around a “queer outlaw saga.” It’s a sort of concept album about escaping the government on a road trip with an angel, but it’s also a mediation on otherness in […]

‘FISCH,’ TU’s preparation for renewed accreditation

TU faculty and students engage in “campus-wide effort” to fulfill the criteria of the Higher Learning Commission. In March, the Higher Learning Commission will visit TU to determine the university’s accreditation status. This is no particular secret, and TU has been frank in its wish for both faculty and students to work together in “a […]

The burst of color and texture from the butterflies in “CHRYSALIS” gave it a serendipitous trait it may not have originally held. Photo by Emily Every

“CHRYSALIS” exhibit explores childhood, social maturation

Erin Rappleye’s exhibit, “CHRYSALIS,” a jewelry-centric installation, focuses more on stagnant snapshots of the past than a future-bound metamorphosis. Erin Rappleye’s current walk-in art installation, titled “CHRYSALIS,” endeavors to recontextualize the childhood playroom. Rappleye, a Tulsa-based artist, writes of the playroom as “a space where we can mimic learned behavior through interactions with our peers […]

The gallery is deceptively simple in display, with each piece featuring intricately made and placed ceramic chunks. Photos by Emily Every

“To Be Seen” an examination of division between art and audience

Sarah Gross’s installation at Living Arts, with its inclusions of ceramics and Islamic-inspired architecture, challenges the audience more with each piece. Sarah Gross is a veritable connoisseur of human and visual divisions, and her ceramic exhibit “To Be Seen” is proof. The exhibit is based on motifs of ornamentation in Islamic architecture and is composed […]

The gallery’s design is simple: a variety of fascinating photos donning the walls. Photo by Emily Every

“Monterey Pop: 50 Years” shows music history up close

Featuring a gallery of photos from the legendary Monterey Pop festival, the new gallery captures the energy of performance in unusual ways. 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of D.A. Pennebaker’s “Monterey Pop.” Pennebaker’s film is one of the most well-regarded concert documentaries of the 1960s and remains a cornerstone of American pop-culture iconography. Both the […]