Pictured in July 2018 from left to right, Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Vice President Mike Pence and Arizona senator Jon Kyl stand in the White House. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Brett Kavanaugh confirmed for Supreme Court

Following sexual assault allegations, a senate hearing and an FBI investigation, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. Last Saturday, United States senators voted 50-48 to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court justice, thereby creating a conservative majority within the court. Following Kavanaugh’s nomination, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford publicly voiced that Kavanaugh […]

photo by Emily Every

The Decemberists concert plays to all fans

An enthusiastic crowd and the energy of the performance more than made up for the lacking setlist. I’m probably the one person on this planet who got into the Decemberists through Colin Meloy’s one solo album, “Colin Meloy Sings Live!” It’s a romp through the band’s most well-known songs until 2006, sprinkled here and there […]

“The Office” style of comedy superior to “Parks & Rec”

“The Office’s” brutal realism makes for a more sophisticated sitcom. If you’re anything like me, then you’re no stranger to a perennial discourse over your preferred American workplace mockumentary. “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation”: which is funnier? Which series is more consistent in quality? Which has more rewatch value and is home to the […]

Commentary Editor Emily Every poses with Harvey for a farewell pic. photo by Emily Every

A talk with Harvey: homelessness, faith, redemption

Night Light Tulsa invited The Collegian to converse with Harvey and discuss his life, chiefly about his journey through homelessness. I had been put in touch Harvey to hear his long experience with homelessness and share his perspective on how homelessness continues to affect others. I met up with him last Thursday at a volunteer […]

Pre-furnished student apartments a necessity

Furnishing an apartment is often above a college student’s financial means, especially for out-of-state students. The dorms have a fair number of downsides: public bathrooms, smaller quarters and no kitchen. One thing that the dorms did right for me was being pre-furnished. The furniture was nothing special, just some neutral, birch pieces meant to provide […]

courtesy Motormouth Media

New SOPHIE album goes hard as hell

Combining the scrubbed-clean pop of her previous work and a novel sense of vulnerability, SOPHIE’s debut album creates a stunning soundscape. Thanks to SOPHIE, we finally know that it’s okay to cry. The Scottish DJ, vocalist, producer and songwriter kicks off her debut album “OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES” with the self-affirming “It’s Okay to […]

Mediation and exercise are both key to many people's destressing routine. courtesy FreeStockPhotos

How to deal with freshman stress

Maintaining healthy coping methods is a must for the upcoming school year. No one comes to college without already having heard at least a dozen different lectures about how much their life is about to change: new social groups and opportunities, harder school courses, raised expectations from peers and the new onus of managing your […]

Amazon employees working on the picking floor are already under tremendous amounts of pressure, and the inclusion of wristbands tracking worker movement would only increase stress. courtesy Flickr

Amazon wristbands symptom of harmful work culture

By attempting to increase company profit, Amazon has put the wellbeing of its employees at risk. Amazon has secured a patent on wristbands that use vibration to guide warehouse workers’ hands to items needing to be processed. Though Amazon was granted the patent back in January, the company has yet to introduce the tech to […]

Teachers and other supporters played music, sang and chanted in protest in front of the Oklahoma capitol building. Courtesy NBC

Education professor Elizabeth Smith talks teacher walkout

While public school teachers walkout for increased salary and funding, Dr. Elizabeth Smith gives her perspective on the walkout and its goals. Elizabeth Smith and her daughter Grace, who is out of school due to the teacher walkout, marched with 30,000 Oklahoman educators and supporters. As chair of the TU department of education and staunch […]

“White is Relic/Irrealis Mood,” of Montreal’s 15th studio album, gets muddled in its cryptic songwriting. Courtesy Polyvinyl Record Co.

New of Montreal album conceptually flawed

“White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood” is spotted with moments of lyrical efficacy and snappy synths but finds itself burdened by bloated track lengths. The indie rock band of Montreal has been going 21 years strong under the direction of frontman Kevin Barnes. Barnes’s last decade of musical releases has found him oscillating between obscure muses and […]