Detail of album art from the controversial "Tangerine Reef." courtesy Domino

Animal Collective’s “Tangerine Reef” defies review

The critical response to “Tangerine Reef” elicits a greater discussion on music criticism as a whole. “Tangerine Reef,” Animal Collective’s 11th studio album, is unique in being the band’s first full-length release without the drumming and rhythmic sensibilities of founding member and mainstay Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear. This is an important window into how […]

TU places highly on three college surveys

Forbes, The Princeton Review and Times Higher Education gave TU high marks in their annual surveys. The University of Tulsa received good publicity the last few weeks due to its high placement on college surveys from Forbes, The Princeton Review and Times Higher Education. Forbes commended TU as a top university for STEM and international […]

Improve TU #5: Cross-count courses for double majors

Double majors have enough difficulty meeting their graduation requirements without taking extra, arbitrary classes. A frustrating issue that needs to be addressed in our Improve TU section is being able to double up on credits, or more accurately not being able to. It’s been historically difficult for double majors to gather all their credits at […]

Over spring break, Oliphant Hall cleaned up its flyer board, but very quickly these boards will become cluttered without change. Photo by Kayleigh Thesenvitz

Improve TU #22: To clean up campus, get rid of old event posters

Too often, event posters are left up for far too long; a stamp system might lead to cleaner boards. A small, almost unnoticeable issue on TU’s campus is our handling of posters in the halls around campus. Full disclosure: I can’t really speak for Keplinger or Hardesty Hall in this article, as my travels usually […]

The Caf has changed to compostable bags that are better for the environment. Photo by Ethan Veenker

Green bags a good start to reducing to-go meal waste

The Caf is decreasing their carbon footprint by switching to eco-friendly bags, but backpacks or totes are the best option. At the Pat Case Dining Center (the Caf), one doesn’t always have to eat within. The option of grabbing a to-go meal is available to students, and until recently, those who went with this option […]

“Universal Harvester” has a notable ‘90s aesthetic. Courtesy Picador

John Darnielle discussed music, recent novel

John Darnielle’s book reading for “Universal Harvester” detailed his personal relationship with writing to a large attendance. The turnout to John Darnielle’s book reading was large — perhaps larger than Magic City Books was expecting. By the time I showed up, the Algonquin Room, in which the event took place, was full. Devoid of seating, […]

Hookworms change pace on third record

“Microshift” marks a brief departure from Hookworms’ noise-based rock in favor of a more electronic style. Every now and again, you come across an album for which you have absolutely no context, an album you can’t even remember finding. In any case, the album is right there, so you listen to it, and it turns […]

The event exuded casualness, with backlogs of zines stacked on benches and free for the taking. Photo by Ethan Veenker

Tulsa Zine Night a niche, underground experience

Prominent in Tulsa’s underground literary scene, Broken Thumb Press hosts Tulsa Zine Night annually in an effort to bring zines to the forefront of Tulsa’s art culture. The pH Community House is tucked away at the end of a neighborhood on Phoenix Avenue. Featuring a mural of a koi fish on its north wall, the […]

Musically, the EP is populated with long, ringing tones overlaid with beats and vocals. Courtesy Domino Recording Company

Panda Bear’s new release daring in its limited format

A solid IDM EP, Panda Bear’s “A Day With the Homies” is perhaps more interesting because of its limited-run, vinyl-only release, a confounding distributive decision. CD copies of Panda Bear’s (a.k.a. Noah Lennox’s) 1999 self-titled debut are difficult to track down, and even the copy on which I may or may not have spent around […]

“POST-” is without want of political references and cultural observations. Courtesy Polyvinyl Record Co.

Jeff Rosenstock’s newest effort strong, mature

While not as viscerally pleasing as his previous album, “WORRY.”, Rosenstock provides another sonic and energetic punk album in “POST-.” When “POST-” dropped on New Year’s Day, my first thought was, “Whoa, that’s super early!” before I realized that Jeff Rosenstock’s last album, “WORRY.”, had come out in October 2016. That album, such a candy-coated […]