Lines at both stores have been abnormally long. courtesy Popeyes offficial Twitter

Fast food companies profiteering off “Sandwich War”

The conversation surrounding the social media feud has rarely been substantive. One of the general ideas behind the free market is that competition is good for the consumer, and this is arguably true when competition drives prices down and makes products more affordable and accessible. Price-matching, for example, is a recent extension of this phenomenon, […]

The haunting, yet playful album art of “Sung Tongs” was designed by Abby Portner, the sister of frontman Avey Tare. courtesy Wikipedia

Animal Collective’s “Sung Tongs” turns 15

“Sung Tongs” combines psychedelic acoustics and experimental sound, which still resonates after 15 years. At the beginning of this summer — May 3, to be exact — experimental pop band Animal Collective’s fifth studio album, “Sung Tongs,” turned 15. If that record were a person, it could head to the DMV to test for its […]

(From left to right) President Gerard Clancy, Janet Levit, Esq. and Dr. Tracy Manly talking at the Student Forum. photo by Ethan Veenker

PPRC announces sweeping department cuts

Updated as of 2:05 pm, April 17th, 2019. Lightly edited for grammar, syntax and a redundancy. The faculty-led committee will cut 84 degree programs as part of an effort to prepare TU for changes in the academic landscape. Recent, drastic changes announced at the University of Tulsa have a significant portion of TU studentry and […]

Many universities have robotics as an extracurricular activity, which can lead to long-term opportunities. courtesy Flickr

Extracurriculars help to make for a complete education

Friends made outside of lecture halls are the ones we’ll value long after we’ve graduated. It is my personal belief that the average studentry-at-large ignores the benefits and possibilities offered through extracurricular activities. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “extracurricular” as “outside the normal curriculum,” and in a college context, these activities can span from the […]

Though the ad is criticized for being anti-men, the heroes of the ad themselves are men. courtesy RELEVANT Magazine

Gillette interested in money, not social change

The company met with marketing teams before releasing the now infamous ad; there was no real risk in their change of branding. On Jan. 13, 2019, the shaving and razor company Gillette released an ad titled “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)” on their YouTube channel and social media pages. […]

image courtesy Domino Records

Animal Collective and the death of indie rock

The highly regarded “Merriweather Post Pavilion” came during a critical time for indie rock, and in some ways, heralded its death. It moves. Stare at the album art for Animal Collective’s “Merriweather Post Pavilion” long enough and the intricately-placed green ovals will start to oscillate in waves, giving the impression of a fluttering sheet, backdropped […]

Record collectors often prefer the medium for its warm sound. courtesy Flickr

Vinyl revolution a dishonest revival of the medium

Vinyl record sales are outnumbering digital downloads despite the record industry’s transition from analog to digital recording. I received my first vinyl record in 2014. Tame Impala’s “Innerspeaker,” a relatively overlooked debut in the Australian psych-rocker’s now-household catalog. A few days later, I spent $50 on a cheap, beginner Jensen turntable. The first record I […]

courtesy Kevin Abstract

Brockhampton’s “iridescence” best listened to on shuffle

The beloved, self-proclaimed boyband returns with a new sound. The six-performing-member rap collective BROCKHAMPTON skyrocketed in popularity after last year’s “SATURATION Trilogy,” a collection of three albums titled “SATURATION,” “SATURATION II” and “SATURATION III” released over the course of 2017. This wasn’t the self-proclaimed boyband’s first venture into the music industry (that was 2015’s single […]

Detail of album art from the controversial "Tangerine Reef." courtesy Domino

Animal Collective’s “Tangerine Reef” defies review

The critical response to “Tangerine Reef” elicits a greater discussion on music criticism as a whole. “Tangerine Reef,” Animal Collective’s 11th studio album, is unique in being the band’s first full-length release without the drumming and rhythmic sensibilities of founding member and mainstay Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear. This is an important window into how […]

TU places highly on three college surveys

Forbes, The Princeton Review and Times Higher Education gave TU high marks in their annual surveys. The University of Tulsa received good publicity the last few weeks due to its high placement on college surveys from Forbes, The Princeton Review and Times Higher Education. Forbes commended TU as a top university for STEM and international […]