Musically, the EP is populated with long, ringing tones overlaid with beats and vocals. Courtesy Domino Recording Company

Panda Bear’s new release daring in its limited format

A solid IDM EP, Panda Bear’s “A Day With the Homies” is perhaps more interesting because of its limited-run, vinyl-only release, a confounding distributive decision. CD copies of Panda Bear’s (a.k.a. Noah Lennox’s) 1999 self-titled debut are difficult to track down, and even the copy on which I may or may not have spent around […]

“POST-” is without want of political references and cultural observations. Courtesy Polyvinyl Record Co.

Jeff Rosenstock’s newest effort strong, mature

While not as viscerally pleasing as his previous album, “WORRY.”, Rosenstock provides another sonic and energetic punk album in “POST-.” When “POST-” dropped on New Year’s Day, my first thought was, “Whoa, that’s super early!” before I realized that Jeff Rosenstock’s last album, “WORRY.”, had come out in October 2016. That album, such a candy-coated […]

A dog-eared surprise in the middle of nowhere

A brief account of my holiday trip to a small Texas town that harbored a sweet, literary surprise. I rolled into Archer City, Texas, on Christmas day to stay with my girlfriend and her family for a week. The town’s welcome sign, disguised as any normal street sign, boasted a population of around 1800. It’s […]