The homecoming bonfire is one of the events that SA helps put on each year. courtesy TU Alumni

Student Association — who they are and what they do

This student-led organization controls money for student groups and runs programs, among other tasks. The Student Association at the University of Tulsa is a student-led organization devoted to promoting cultural and social events and advocating for student interests. Every student at TU is a member of SA, as a portion of university tuition goes towards […]

Cases in Special Collections are filled with documents related to the history surrounding the Treaty of Versailles. photo by Gabe Powell

McFarlin exhibit explores history of Versailles

Special Collections displays documents, writing and photos relating to World War I and the peace treaty that ended it. The sounds of gunfire and mortar shells streaking through the air famously ceased at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 1918. Germany surrendered to the Allied powers on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the […]

Though Biden leads the race, other candidates have made surges. graphic by Emma Palmer

2020 Democratic Primary has three major contenders

Sanders has raised the most money, but Warren’s chances of winning the primary are better. I get it: you’re in college and don’t have time to figure out voter registration and absentee ballots, much less read 500 articles to decide on your favorite candidate in the crowded Democratic field. Lucky for you I’ve written a […]