Increased allowance of selenium in Okla. waterways dangerous

The variance proposals were chosen to keep Oklahoma competitive with regulations in surrounding states. Toward the end of February, the Oklahoma Water Resources Board considered two proposed rules that would affect the variance in water standards in Oklahoma. The first, which the board passed, allows a temporary increase in the pollutants that corporations are allowed […]

Crystal Z Campbell, Eric Sall and Nathan Young. courtesy Tulsa Artist Fellowship

Tulsa Artist Fellowship brings in new cohort

The highly selective program continues to enrich Tulsa with funded arts. The Tulsa Artist Fellowship (TAF) has welcomed 27 new artists to the program this year. These applicants were selected out of a pool of around 700 other applicants from all over the country. This brings the total number of Tulsa Artist Fellows to 59. […]

The Kansas City shelter works under a no-kill policy. courtesy Kansas City Star

Tulsa Animal Welfare to possibly implement no-kill policy

The Tulsa Humane Society and Tulsa SPCA leading the TAW to a no-kill shelter policy should be successful given time. In November 2018, Mayor G.T. Bynum announced that the city would join forces with the Humane Society of Tulsa and the Tulsa SPCA to form the Coalition for Tulsa Pets. Although this is a great […]

Social media creates unique opportunities for political action

Snapchat registering over 400,000 people is emblematic of social media’s ability to mobilize and politicize users. Snapchat has more to offer its users than funny filters or face swaps. During the weeks leading up to the 2018 midterms, the app encouraged its users to begin their voting registration process via Turbovote. It took only two […]

courtesy University of Tulsa

“Wild Man” a lovely, moving performance

The show was part of an initiative to support women in stagewriting and benefited from it greatly. On Nov 9, TU Theatre presented a concert reading of “Wild Man” by K.T. Peterson. The script is the winner of the 2018 WomenWorks competition. WomenWorks is a joint effort between the theatre and creative writing program at […]

Know your candidates: Oklahoma midterm elections 2018

Use the following brief descriptions to inform your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Election day is almost here. Staring down at a ballot full of unfamiliar names is difficult. Take five minutes to read through this list for a run-down on this election’s candidates. Governor Drew Edmondson (D) – Edmondson served in the Navy and […]