Some athletes are left with nothing but disappointment. graphic by Emma Palmer

2020 Olympics Postponed until 2021

Sports journalist Hannah Robbins discusses the impacts the delay of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has on Japan and Olympic athletes. With the global coronavirus pandemic, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics did the only thing they could: postpone the Olympics for a year. This is the first time in history that the Olympics has been postponed rather […]

Virus relief bill fails families with dependent college students

A loophole in the multi-trillion dollar stimulus package needs to be addressed. When President Trump finally passed and signed the coronavirus stimulus package, there was one thing on my mind: what can I do with my $1,200 check? Unfortunately, I forgot to read the fine print that screws me out of my money. You see, […]

Moderates never stood a chance against Biden and party norms

Party outsiders like Warren and Bloomberg ended their campaigns on their own terms. After the South Carolina primary on Feb. 28, the Democratic primary, which had been so constant since Iowa, changed. It started with Pete Buttigieg dropping out of the race on Sunday. Then Amy Klobuchar did the same thing on Monday. Finally, Klobuchar, […]

Rebecca Lescay goes up for a layup photos by James Taylor

TU wins last home game over Houston

Basketball journalist Hannah Robbins discusses the team’s 71-64 final home win of the season led by Destiny Johnson against the Houston Cougars. In their penultimate game of the regular season, the Tulsa Golden Hurricane women’s basketball team, led by Destiny Johnson’s 23 points, surged past the Houston Cougars in the fourth quarter to snag a […]

Rachal flies high above the defense for an attempt at the hoop photos by Tommy Reid

UConn plows past Golden Hurricane

Basketball journalist Hannah Robbins discusses Tulsa’s loss against UConn and the team’s inability to put together plays when it mattered. The Golden Hurricane was planning to add to their six game win streak on Thursday against UConn, but unfortunately the Huskies had one final sucker punch before they left the American Conference: handing Tulsa a […]

Buttigieg walked away from Iowa a potential winner on delegate counts. courtesy Lorie Shaull/Flickr

Bad press follows Buttigieg as the campaign leaves Iowa

Amidst a canned poll and a faulty app, the South Bend Mayor’s poll numbers came at a cost. On Feb. 1, two days before the Iowa caucuses, it was abruptly announced that the final poll by the Des Moines Register would not have its results released. This came after a complaint by a senior Buttigieg […]

Captain Cane addresses an adoring crowd. graphic by Emma Palmer

State of the Golden Hurricane address

Veteran TU sports journalist Hannah Robbins and Sports Editor Brennen Gray deliver an analysis on how TU sports are doing as a whole. After riding a high that allowed Tulsa’s men’s basketball team to beat Memphis and Wichita State, which pushed both teams out of the rankings, Tulsa’s men’s basketball team is almost ranked themselves […]

You’ve activated his trap card! graphic by Emma Palmer

Murderer plays Trump Card, charges dropped

Hans Johnson walked free after convincing the judge to ignore witnesses. Hope came to Tulsa last week in the murder trial of Hans Johnson. Johnson, who was arrested in December after he stole a newscaster’s microphone to proclaim that “[he] definitely killed three people, why yes sir,” is currently on trial for a completely different […]