The app provides many features already served by student IDs. courtesy Involvio

ConnectTU app connects with my phone’s trashcan

Doubts of security and abused functionality make SA’s ConnectTU a no go. As freshmen this year have learned, TU really does have an app for that. First, it was the orientation app that told students the orientation schedule (because apparently freshmen can’t be trusted to keep track of a paper schedule?). Now, the app-centric way […]

Shamari Brooks breaks away from San Jose defenders for a large rushing gain. courtesy Golden Hurricane

Tulsa Football smashes the Spartans

TU sports journalist Hannah Robbins covers the Golden Hurricane’s 34-16 victory over San Jose State on Saturday. Coming off a rough week on the road against Michigan State, Tulsa traveled again to San Jose State. This time they had much better results; Tulsa led the Spartans on passing yards, receiving yards and possession time.Tulsa also […]

Unable to schedule an appointment, this student is taking therapy into their own hands. graphic by Emma Palmer

TU therapist shortage spurs spike in student self-help

Professional help unavailable, students turn to drastic physical change to help their mental health. As the school year starts to ramp up (week three means at least two hours of reading a night, after all), friends and acquaintances are starting to finally catch up. Questions of “how was your summer?” and ‘“what have you been […]

Juniors shine in Grand Prix

Skating expert Hannah Robbins details the Junior Grand Prix hosted in Lake Placid. While here in Oklahoma the weather is hot as hell, at the Junior Grand Prix rink in Lake Placid, the air is freezing. The Junior Grand Prix is the competition series is the chance for junior skaters hoping to hit it big […]

The netting will extend all the way to the foul ball posts at Camden Yards. courtesy Camden Chat

Orioles reignite old debate about stadium netting

Baseball journalist Hannah Robbins weighs in on the national debate regarding protective nets and their role in the stadium. In baseball, reading the fine print might be more important than one would expect. When a fan purchases a ticket to see a game, according to the fine print, they accept all risks inherent to the […]

This land is our land, this land is Greenland

President Trump’s Greenland tweet flexes the United States’s international muscles. On Aug. 19, President Trump’s desire to purchase the incorrectly named Greenland was rebuffed by Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. Despite his completely reasonable request, for some reason the Danes did not agree. Some suggested pride; after all, the U.S. tried to purchase Greenland way […]

Parents, ringleaders charged in college admissions scandal

Rick Singer led the 50 individuals that were part of a conspiracy to get children of wealthy adults into elite universities. On March 12, U.S. federal prosecutors charged Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin and 50 other people in a scheme for wealthy Americans to buy their children’s attendance at elite universities. This investigation, entitled Operation Varsity […]

All students of the PSC must take on superhero alter egos. graphic by Emma Palmer

A guide to life in the new Professional Super College

Big changes are coming to TU; here’s how to fit in with your new college. On Thursday, Dr. Clancy announced the University of Tulsa’s True Commitment, a plan that led to budget cuts and consolidations all around. There were many changes that were released, but the one that has most students scratching their heads is […]

Mark “Allegra” Johnson using his cable news program to push his agenda. photo by Conner Maggio

Inactive politicians thrown out of legislature

A quirk in the law gives citizens the power to kick out politicians who don’t serve the people. For once, it seems that lawyers have actually been useful. Without them, Oklahomans never would have found this quirk in the wording of the law. When voters heard about the massive inactive voter purge happening in a […]

Mueller report finished, not yet fully released to public

Attorney General William Barr has only released a four-page summary of Mueller’s report, which numbered over 300 pages. After 22 months, special prosecutor Robert Mueller has finally sent his report to the Department of Justice with the results of his investigation on whether there was any Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, whether there […]