Donald “The Duck Face” Trump on our new electoral swiping system. graphic by Conner Maggio

Presidential election: voting done right — Tinder style

You’ll never guess why the 2020 race will be more eventful and steamy than previous elections! After 231 years, the government has decided the old system for electing a president was outdated (finally). No more of that silly plurality voting based on states and an outdated system of electors. That’s for the past. The government […]

Campus Crime Watch

Jan. 7 4:20 a.m. University of Tulsa Campus Security Officers were dispatched to the roof of McFarlin Library to deal with a strange smell. Nearing the roof, the officers reported hearing Pink Floyd increasing in volume. The officers found two students sitting down who looked to be fine. The officers stayed with them to make […]

Grand Prix continues with NHK Trophy

Figure skating expert Hannah Robbins discusses the competition in Japan for the NHK Trophy this weekend and the standings for the Grand Prix Final, which is the halfway point in the Grand Prix Series. The Grand Prix Series continues this week in Hiroshima, Japan with the NHK Trophy. This competition is the fourth of six […]

Cousin Shapiro and Grandaddy Sanders having a polite political conversation over mashed potatoes. graphic by Conner Maggio

How to make Thanksgiving dinner the calmest ever

Don’t worry about upsetting the relatives again with these hot tips. Fall Break is right around the corner, and with it comes everyone’s favorite meal: Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone knows that Thanksgiving can be a bit of a minefield, so I have a few tips that will help keep your supper as calm and pleasant as […]

courtesy USA Today

US women shine at gymnastics World Championships

Gymnastics journalist Hannah Robbins discusses the continued U.S. dominance in women’s artistic gymnastics and the struggles of the U.S. men’s team at the World Championships. This year’s Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Doha, Qatar, proved to be an interesting week of competition. From Simone Biles’s kidney stones less than 24 hours before qualification to the […]

The mastermind behind some of the fan favorites of the Hogue’s new gallery. graphic by Conner Maggio

Masterpiece or mockery?

After three weeks of appreciation, the legitimacy of the prestigious new TU exhibit comes into question. After the Alexander Hogue Gallery’s newest exhibit, titled “A Journey Through Time,” opened recently, the gallery staff noticed a mix-up. The exhibit was meant to be a survey of some of the hallmarks of art history, from the brushstrokes […]

Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier fell short in their routine. courtesy Skate Canada

Surprising results in Skate Canada

Figure skating expert Hannah Robbins discusses the winners and shocking defeats at Skate Canada this weekend. This weekend’s Grand Prix competition Skate Canada was held in Laval, Québec. It was the first competition of the Grand Prix series for some of the best figure skaters in the world, including Shoma Uno, men’s 2018 Olympic silver […]

New rules, winners in figure skating

Skating expert Hannah Robbins delivers a summary of Skate America’s figure skating competition and how the rule changes have affected the results. This weekend’s Skate America opened the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series for senior skaters in Everett, Washington. The Grand Prix Series has skaters compete in two of the six Grand Prix events […]