Houston Astros have a lot to answer for

Sports journalist Hannah Robbins weighs in on the controversy surrounding the Houston Astros and their mishandling of the Osuna assault affair. Unfortunately for the team, the Astros didn’t win big at the World Series. However, even before their eventual loss to the Nationals, they were not doing well. The Astros were plagued with controversy during […]

Keylon Stokes fends off an oncoming Tiger. photos by James Taylor

TU loses homecoming to Memphis 42-41

Football journalist Hannah Robbins covers Tulsa’s close loss to the Tigers after a missed field goal in the last seconds of Saturday’s game. Tulsa came into homecoming on a three game losing streak, and right from the start, it seemed that the Golden Hurricane would continue that streak. However, plenty of mistakes by Memphis caused […]

Homecoming is over, but its faults are still apparent. courtesy tualumni.com

ConnectTU app useless for homecoming data collection

The app’s flaws should call the turnout of last weeks events into question. Disclaimer: I never attempted the following with my own account since I did participate in Homecoming this year. Every scan in I did was legitimate, and the following article should not affect the validity of my own participation. Now that that’s out […]

Ring Girls like Arianny Celeste (pictured) may be illegal in Australia soon. courtesy Wikimedia

Australia may be first to cut UFC Ring Girls

Sports Journalist Hannah Robbins discusses the latest controversy with the U.F.C.’s Octagon Girls and whether or not the stir is valid. When the U.F.C. came to Melbourne, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews and Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp wanted the ring girls to stay home. Sometimes referred to as Octagon Girls, these women hold up signs […]

Trump’s tweet was one in a thread of quotes. courtesy Donald Trump/Twitter

Trump’s civil war tweets have no basis in reality

Trump has no ground to stand on and no army, but his comments are still worrying. While President Trump usually creates news with his Twitter presence, this week Trump’s retweets have created more opinion pieces than most of the substantive policy that has come out of the White House in months. On Sept. 29, Trump, […]

New undeniable proof that ghosts exist: my ex-wife

Local woman becomes a ghost to “ghost” her wife. Last Monday, history was made. Scientists have finally proved that ghosts exist. We were able to validate their findings by interviewing the ghost in question and her wife. This is their story. Picture it, Sicily, 1925. It was two weeks ago in Picher, Oklahoma. Quit being […]

One of Antonio Brown’s more eccentric Tweets. courtesy Antonio Brown/Twitter

Antonio Brown completely loses his mind

Student journalist Hannah Robbins covers the ex-NFL player and current college student’s unraveling. Antonio Brown has had a whirlwind of a week. Before Sunday night football began, Brown had already become the most eventful news of the day. In a series of tweets, he first proclaimed that he would never play with the NFL again. […]

Pinto rocked the sports world by leaking information online, making him the target of many powerful clubs. graphic by Emma Palmer

Rui Pinto charged with 147 counts after football hacks

Student journalist Hannah Robbins discusses the world-shaking football leaks and the legality of whistleblowers in modern times. In polarizing news last week, the Portugese government decided to charge Rui Pinto, the hacker behind Football Leaks, the professional football version of WikiLeaks, on 147 counts related to blackmail and extortion. Football Leaks was a website that […]

Sam Crawford Jr. sprints downfield. photos by James Taylor

Tulsa snags close win over Wyoming

Football journalist Hannah Robbins discusses the Golden Hurricane’s nail-biting 24-21 win against Wyoming in the last minute of play at home on Saturday. Saturday’s game started with threats of mist and spitting rain all morning, but the outcome could not have been more different from the weather. The Golden Hurricane took fans through a bit […]

Usually the placement of the visiting band aligns with unpopular seats. graphic by Emma Palmer

Where does the visiting band sit?

TU marching band member Hannah Robbins explains where the visiting band sits during a sporting event and why that is. The University of Texas made headlines this month when they put Louisiana State University’s marching band somewhere most fans won’t even purchase tickets in: the nosebleed section. This gave LSU’s band a view worse than […]