Alysa Liu is the youngest U.S. champion ever. courtesy Golden Skate

US Nationals skaters break records

Figure skating expert Hannah Robbins discusses the shocking finishes in the United States National Championships and the firsts that skaters achieved. In recent years, the U.S. Nationals has become the competition that determines how the rest of the calendar year goes for a skater. Depending on the year, a skater’s Nationals results will send them […]

USAG’s scandals and other troubles have caused the organization to go bankrupt. graphic by Conner Maggio

US Gymnastics Association bankrupt

Gymnastics journalist Hannah Robbins discusses USA Gymnastics’ new low and the maneuvering that might only harm athletes and survivors further. If you were worried about USA Gymnastics falling out of the news after the U.S. Olympic Committee started the process of revoking their status as the sport’s national governing board, worry no more. USA Gymnastics […]

Photos from Tulsa’s close win against UConn. photos by Dalton Stewart

Golden Hurricane smacks Huskies

TU basketball journalist Hannah Robbins discusses the fight on and off the court as TU men’s basketball snapped its two-game losing streak. When the athletics department decided to market the basketball game on Wednesday as the “Rumble in the Reynolds,” they got more than they expected. Instead of the rumble just being between the Golden […]

Quads may hurt young skaters

Figure skating expert Hannah Robbins discusses the dangers of quadruple jumps and the sacrifices the sport has made because of them. According to the Olympics’ website, a quadruple jump is defined as a jump with at least four but less than five rotations. Conceptually, it’s a simple idea. Leave the ice, rotate 1,440 degrees, land […]

Ted “The Big Pharma” Cruz proposing a bill about removing maximum pharmaceutical price restrictions. graphic by Conner Maggio

Special interests cut out the middle congressman

Due to a new quirk in the election fine print, special interest groups took the places of the representatives they voted for. When the 116th Congress was sworn in earlier this month, it quickly became clear that this will be one of the most diverse classes of lawmakers that Washington D.C. has ever seen. It’s […]

The millennial effect on consumerism over time. Pan-Am reaches new low: the Kim Kardashian level. graphic by Conner Maggio

5 more surprising things that millennials killed

Millennials are at it again, and you’ll never believe what they killed this time! Every time you look at a newspaper (or Facebook or Apple News or the back of milk cartons or whatever you use for news), millennials are killing something else. The list goes on and on. Applebee’s, starter homes, napkins, cereal, golf, […]

Hanyu poses during his Rostelecom short program. courtesy NBC Sports

Figure Skating Grand Prix series finishes

Figure skating expert Hannah Robbins discusses the drama and details of the final competitions of the Grand Prix Series. While classes concluded for the semester, the Grand Prix Series did not, and the final two events in the series, the Rostelecom Cup and the Internationaux de France, or the Grand Prix Final, transpired with the […]

Japan and Russia hold figure skating nationals

Figure skating expert Hannah Robbins discusses the results of the first two national championships and the surprising teams we will see at the next few competitions. After the conclusion of the Grand Prix Series, skaters compete in the most important competition of their season — their country’s national championship. These competitions determine who will represent […]

Donald “The Duck Face” Trump on our new electoral swiping system. graphic by Conner Maggio

Presidential election: voting done right — Tinder style

You’ll never guess why the 2020 race will be more eventful and steamy than previous elections! After 231 years, the government has decided the old system for electing a president was outdated (finally). No more of that silly plurality voting based on states and an outdated system of electors. That’s for the past. The government […]

Campus Crime Watch

Jan. 7 4:20 a.m. University of Tulsa Campus Security Officers were dispatched to the roof of McFarlin Library to deal with a strange smell. Nearing the roof, the officers reported hearing Pink Floyd increasing in volume. The officers found two students sitting down who looked to be fine. The officers stayed with them to make […]