Student solar solidarity

Students joined together to witness the solar eclipse. On April 8, 2024, the campus experienced a rare cosmic alignment known as the solar eclipse. This occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow over certain regions of our planet and blocking the sun from view. This occurrence is scientifically […]

Accessibility concerns on campus

Campus dorms face scrutiny amongst many other TU buildings. Accessibility is an important topic, but it is not always something that comes to mind. I, like many other able-bodied students, forget that there are areas of our campus that are limited to those with physical accessibility needs. Things as simple or grand as a ramp, […]

Era of Prohibition

Events have been dry since that exposé last semester. In a plot twist of events, The University of Tulsa has announced its desire to become the top school for potential incoming students. To start to venture towards greatness, they pulled the plug on this once-wet campus and drained all of our boozy keg pools and […]

TimelyCare: From skepticism to self care

It is exactly the type of resource this university should be investing in. When The University of Tulsa first introduced the new mental health resource calledTimelyCare, I was skeptical of its benefits and impact on the campus. I initially believed this healthcare app was a cheap bandaid to fix or cover up the current deterioration […]

The parking predicament

Navigating the fine line between order and absurdity. We have all been in a GroupMe chat with wonderful students who go out of their way to warn the majority of these ticketing frenzies. For many college students, navigating the winding and bumpy campus parking lots can be as frustrating as deciphering some professor’s homework assignments. […]

We aren’t a party school, we swear

A toast to liquified school spirit! Nothing says school spirit like drinking on a Monday. Or at least that seems to be what Eric Flores thinks with his weekly boozy campus wide events. He truly knows how to boost the campus morale and increase student involvement with two whole drink tickets. You have all probably […]