He’s cool, he’s hip, he’s Young Mister

If you’re looking for a new artist to enjoy, check out Young Mister. Located in Gastonia, NC, Steven Fiore, also known as Young Mister, has changed the world of modern folk music and is the perfect addition to your next fall playlist. Fiore released his self-named album “Young Mister” in 2016, shaping his career as […]

Disney’s Pixar releases “Soul” on Disney+

Music educators are faced with many challenges in their career, but one of the hardest decisions a musician of any kind can make is to give up performing their instrument to teach others the joys of playing music. The idea of quitting your “day job” to follow your dreams is something that seems easier said […]

PAL Project accepting donations to benefit The Little Light House

Over the last few months, a group of students enrolled in an Arts, Culture and Entertainment Management (ACE Management) course at the University of Tulsa decided to take one of their projects and apply the tools learned in class to make it a reality. Five students enrolled in the Social Entrepreneurship course were assigned with […]

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“Do You Need a Ride” brings excitement to daily routine

Los Angeles is known for many things, including the celebrities, beach lifestyle and entertainment industry, but one major characteristic that Los Angeles is known for is its traffic. “Do You Need a Ride” features comedians Karen Killgariff and Chris Fairbanks as they drive themselves, friends and celebrities across Los Angeles and record their conversations along […]

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The Blue Hues capture the attention of downtown Tulsa

On Saturday Oct. 17, downtown Tulsa’s nightly routine was invaded by the high energy mixture of synth pop, indie and rock sounds of The Blue Hues. Caleb Daniels Ricketts, Wyatt Hargrove, Celyn Grigson and Ryan Ganaban, primary members of The Blue Hues, were accompanied by Jacob Gates on trumpet, and Joshua Demetri on bass guitar. […]

Seattle teachers strike for pay, prolong school year

Seattle teacher Michael Cortez spoke to The Collegian about his feelings as an underprivileged elementary school teacher. When school began on September 5, teachers in Seattle, Washington, were expecting a 10.5 – 25 percent pay increase. After four weeks of striking and threats for a delay in the start of the school year, members of […]