Earthquake felt across Oklahoma

A rare 5.1 magnitude earthquake jolted many Oklahomans awake. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit east of Oklahoma City. The earthquake occurred on Friday, Feb. 2, at 11:24 p.m., about 5 miles northwest of Prague, Oklahoma, home to about 2,000 people. While many felt tremors in the Oklahoma City and […]

Trump beats Haley in decisive New Hampshire primary

The win puts the U.S. on track for a Trump versus Biden rematch. After refusing to attend any GOP primary debates, former President Donald Trump beat opponent Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire primary. Last Tuesday was an important win for Trump, who made history by being the first non-incumbent nominee to win both the […]

Oklahoma’s largest Starbucks was worth the wait

TU’s new Starbucks has raised safety and parking concerns. After a long wait, The University of Tulsa’s Starbucks has finally opened. Located in the former computer labs in the McFarlin Library, the Starbucks is fast and convenient for students on their way to class. Friendly workers and a cozy environment provide for an excellent study […]

Catoosa changes the Blue Whale for constant revenues

The proposed upgrades will improve the town’s economy to make Catoosa a Route 66 destination. An iconic relic of Route 66 since 1972 may be in for a makeover. Standing at 20 feet tall and 80 feet long, the Catoosa Blue Whale has been a pit stop on the pilgrimage across Route 66 for decades […]

Christian Nationalism threatens American public school system

Oklahoma is becoming a battleground for the fight to protect the separation of Church and State. The online charter school, St. Isidore of Seville, has set off a series of court battles in Oklahoma. Approved to be the first publicly funded religious charter school in the nation, St. Isidore will be run by the Catholic […]

McCarthy ousted as Speaker of the House

Republican Representatives have already begun their campaigns to replace McCarthy. The United States entered uncharted territory last week when Congress voted to oust Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. After 15 rounds of voting in January, McCarthy made a deal with the right flank, allowing just one House member to propose a resolution to remove […]

Ryan Walters further decreases quality of Oklahoma education

Oklahoma State Superintendent looks to indoctrinate innocent children with conservative ideology. Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters wants to ensure that students get a “pro-American” education in school without the possibility of “left-wing indoctrination.” To accomplish this goal, Walters partnered with PragerU, founded by Dennis Prager, who admitted wanting to indoctrinate children with his […]

Oklahoma: the pro-life state that allows women to die

Jaci Statton filed a 16-page complaint after being refused medical care. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt is said to be called “America’s most pro-life governor” following his complete ban on abortion after Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey were overturned. However, people countrywide are left questioning how the “pro-life” governor can create laws that […]

Speaker McCarthy announces Biden impeachment inquiry

This move may win over his ultraconservative critics. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that he will endorse an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden on Tuesday, Sept. 12. This comes after a Republican probe into the business dealings of the president’s son, Hunter Biden. An impeachment inquiry would allow House Republicans access to bank records […]

Best study spaces in Tulsa

Studying in the same place every day gets boring. Improve your productivity by trying these spots! There is no doubt that The University of Tulsa has a beautiful library filled with quiet spaces that can suit any individual’s needs; however if you are anything like me, you need a change of scenery. Lucky for you, […]