A common friendlighting activity is telling your roommate that it’s in fact their turn to clean (it’s not). graphic by Conner Maggio

The Friendlighting Game — are you mentally prepared?

A new trend sweeping TU’s campus includes a friendly dose of psychological abuse. Fueled by sleep deprivation, “friendlighting” is a brand new game that has made its way to the University of Tulsa. “The rules are simple,” explained psychology major Molly Lewis. “Do whatever it takes to make your friends question their sanity, without causing […]

Shady Sally dealing contraband IDs containing thousands of dining dollars. Graphic by Conner Maggio

The Dining Dozen dishes out deceit

An underground crime ring trades food for homework in this breaking news coverage. Something sinister is growing underneath the surface of TU. While most students go to class, study and complete their homework, there’s a growing number of people investing their dining dollars for extra “assistance.” Our source has been working undercover for quite some […]

McFarlin wet and wild, set to premiere as soon as you pay back your student loans. graphic by Conner Maggio

McFarlin is Wet with Anticipation

Beautifying campus one fountain at a time. State Run Media has been granted an exclusive preview for TU’s upcoming fountain on top of the McFarlin Library. Students and teachers alike have been criticizing alleged the land of learning for its lack of elegance. Many have gone on the record stating that a fountain is truly […]