A eulogy for MoviePass

While a beautiful thing, MoviePass was doomed from the start. Summer is a great time to relax and hang out with friends and loved ones. A great staple of the summer is going out to see the lineup of blockbusters. Over the break, I was given the opportunity to use a service called MoviePass. For […]

Ricky-Three-Dog Capone is one of the finalists to be TU's new canine ambassador. graphic by Conner Maggio

Goldie to be replaced by three dogs in trench coat

Being TU’s canine ambassador is a ruff business. The State-Run Media has come across some hard hitting news and information for generations, but we fear this info could rock campus as we know it. We have received comments and information from a certain source who shall not be named that, in an effort to increase […]

Roommate treaty broken in three days

Minor inconveniences stack up to a fight to the death. This is a chronicle of the events of room 220. An all-out war was waged; the hall had no survivors. The following is an accurate retelling of the battles that ensued. 1045 hours, Monday: Treaty signed and noted. The roommates have taken their sides of […]