New rules in the NFL

Professional football introduces new rules to improve the game and protect players. Do you ever find yourself plopped down on the couch on Sunday, witness some strange ruling on the field, and think to yourself, “Just what the hell are the rules in the NFL anyway?” Don’t worry, so does literally everyone! In fact, if […]

The Bleacher Creature

Justin Guglielmetti is the Bleacher Creature, with Brennen Gray as the Feature Creature. Big Sexy Hey gang, we’re back. I’m sorry it’s been a hot second there, but there have been things to do, places to see, bleachers to creach. Don’t worry though, I promise that I won’t leave you again until the next time […]

While Kaepernick is most commonly known for his public stance against police brutality, the subject is absent from the ad campaign. graphic by Conner Maggio

Nike fakes social advocacy with Kaepernick campaign

The spectacle surrounding Nike’s new ad campaign distracts from its lack of political structure. Grab your torches and pitchforks and strap in, everybody; it’s time for another article on Colin Kaepernick. Over the past two years, ever since the former 49ers quarterback first took a knee during the national anthem and became one of the […]

Media Studies professor Bill Hinkle on TU termination

The university did not renew Hinkle’s contract at the end of last semester, prompting an early retirement. For more than two decades, Bill Hinkle was a fixture at the University of Tulsa, teaching popular advertising courses for the Department of Media Studies with a trademark no-nonsense attitude and a provocative, often crass sense of humor. […]

Small classes encourage individualized learning

Smaller student-to-teacher ratios offer a better qualilty of education and are one of the biggest draws for prospective TU students. As a University Ambassador, I always try to hit on certain points when I’m giving tours to prospective students. I tell them about our roomy and affordable on-campus apartments, successful Division I sports program, the […]

Graphic by Conner Maggio

NFL regular season and playoff predictions

An in-depth analysis of the upcoming season, including post-season predictions and the 2019 Super Bowl champion. AFC East: For literally as long as I can remember, God the Father and the Son (commonly referred to by the lamestream media as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady) have dominated this sorry excuse for a division. And while […]

Ronaldo eats Mbappe's energy as Greivious struts around. graphic by Conner Maggio

Professional sports crystal ball, September edition

Student writers Andrew Noland and Chris Lierly, Sports Editor Brennen Gray and Editor-in-Chief Justin Guglielmetti give their predictions for the coming months in professional sports. NHL Season Kicks Off with a Bang Holy zamboni, it’s almost hockey season! I know most sports fans in Oklahoma don’t really keep up with the slipperiest sport this side […]

Dashcam footage of Shelby approaching Crutcher before fatally shooting him in 2016. courtesy Quartz and Tulsa Police Department

Betty Shelby to conduct TPD class related to officer slayings

The officer, controversial for her actions, is slated to teach a course on what happens to officers after they have killed someone. Two years ago, Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby shot and fatally killed Terence Crutcher, a black, unarmed father of four. The incident was met with public outrage and Shelby’s dismissal from the force, […]

The Bleacher Creature

We Dropping Tilted? It’s almost impossible to dislike the Little League World Series, unless you’re also a person who likes to spend their time kicking puppies and ripping the Life Alerts out of the varicose veined hands of innocent grandmothers who have fallen and can’t get up. Even if you’re a victim of the short […]

Can LeBron or Kawhi stop Boogie, Silver and the rest of the Warriors? graphic by Conner Maggio

Movers, shakers and Lakers

Will Kawhi lead a new team to the promised land? Did Boogie break the league? Is LABron legit? The Bleacher Creature reveals all that and more. News coverage in the NBA offseason typically focuses on superstar free-agent signings, which range anywhere from franchise-altering (think LeBron to the Heat), to league-disrupting (KD to the Warriors) to […]