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Republicans use cultural signifiers to garner support at convention

Last week’s Republican National Convention gathered all of President Trump’s most loyal acolytes to deliver speeches, ranging from the monotonous to the off-the-walls insane. There was a bit more discussion of policy than the Democrats had, though the greatest passion was reserved for more cultural sentiments. The convention’s speakers fixated on the chaos in the […]

Democrats’ strategy of appealing to moderates won’t work

The Democratic National Convention offers a deep look into the party’s electoral strategy every four years. The party presents both its policy platform as well as its general ethos. This year, the convention had the task of encouraging voters to choose Joe Biden, who is running for the presidency against the incumbent Donald Trump. One […]

Legislative Digest 3/9/20

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature, upcoming bills and the terms to know. HR1030: This House Resolution aims to declare the Choctaw Nation, located in southeastern Oklahoma, as “the home of Oklahoma’s treasured rivers and lakes.“ The land was a historically valuable region, being one of the […]

“Color Theory” followed Soccer Mommy’s last album, “Clean,” by two years. courtesy Loma Vista Recording

Soccer Mommy’s “Color Theory” frontloaded

The indie pop artist’s newest album has authentic lyrics, but loses momentum in the second half. Female-led indie rock groups seem to have blossomed in the last couple of years, with artists like Japanese Breakfast, Snail Mail and Clairo blasting onto the scene and quickly gaining raving fans. One of the youngest of these artists, […]

Legislative Digest 2/10/20

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature, upcoming bills and the terms to know. HB 2940: This bill would ban the manufacture and sale of “restricted bullets” and “large-capacity ammunition magazines.” Restricted bullets are designed to expand on impact and bring down living targets quicker. Large-capacity magazines are […]

Louise Brooks delivers a personal and tragic performance as Thymian, the protagonist of “Diary of a Lost Girl.” courtesy Hom-Film AG

“Diary of a Lost Girl” explores the stigma of female sexuality

Circle Cinema screened this classic silent film as part of their Silent Saturday series. Every second Saturday of the month, local independent theater Circle Cinema shows a classic silent film accompanied by live organ music. The organ is an authentic 1928 fully acoustic organ originally used when Circle Cinema showed silent films. This month, Circle […]

Legislative Digest

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature, upcoming bills and the terms to know. House Bill 3872: This bill would make conversion therapy illegal for all minors. Conversion therapy is defined as “any practice or treatment that seeks to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity” in […]

Epstein’s circle included powerful people in both the UK and US

Prince Andrew has recently been in the news for evading American authorities. In the wake of Jeffery Epstein’s death, many connections the late financier possessed are being put into focus in the international media. One of the highest profile connections known to exist was Epstein’s link to Prince Andrew, who admits to staying with Epstein […]

Legislative Digest 1/27/20

With the legislative session about to begin on Feb. 3, here are two of the noteworthy bills that were submitted in the past few months. Senate Bill 1819: This bill prohibits gender reassignment medical treatment for any people under 18 years of age. According to the bill, gender reassignment medical treatment includes “suppressing development … […]

Sandler’s performance as Howard Ratner creates an air of tension and anxiety throughout the film. courtesy A24

Adam Sandler delivers gripping performance in “Uncut Gems”

Despite its intensity, the Safdie Brothers’ film was not nominated for any Academy Awards. The prospect of a new Adam Sandler movie is almost universally met with a chorus of groans, and for good reason. However, the Safdie Brothers’ new drama thriller “Uncut Gems” may finally break Sandler’s streak of gutterballs. Adam Sandler plays Howard […]