A large part of Nathan Young's "Infinite Drone" consists of art on TV screens. photo by Kaitlyn Argo

Nathan Young exhibit a layered experience

There’s more to the exhibit than meets the eye at first glance. From various landscapes to an eye with a rainbow coming out of it, Nathan Young’s exhibit, which uses both visuals and sounds, never ceases to both amaze and startle the viewers. Even though it is located in the Alexandre Hogue Gallery on the […]

The entirety of the diner is bear themed, complete with actual bears. photo by Kaitlyn Argo

Black Bear Diner a tasty addition to Tulsa

The soon-to-open bear themed diner features scrumptious comfort food. Located just south of Woodland Hills Mall on 71st street, the Black Bear Diner doesn’t just serve great food but also a wonderful atmosphere and kind people. With its homey decor and playful music around, you almost forget that you are next to a busy road […]