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Oscar Winning actor Matthew McConaughey promotes his new book about struggles, determination and finding peace.

On Mon. Oct. 26, Magic City Books welcomed Matthew McConaughey to talk about his new memoir, “Greenlights.” The bonus was that it wasn’t going to be him speaking through a screen answering questions; rather he was going to be talking to good friend Woody Harrelson. Like many of his projects, this one was personal — […]

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Top movies of the ’80s

The 80s — what an iconic decade. We think about the neon lights, hairspray, neon colors, crazy fashion, drop dead gorgeous stars, fast paced music and, of course, the movies. Though many of us weren’t alive to witness these events going on, we can still appreciate the awesome, culturally defining movies that shaped our imaginations, […]

Joey Chestnut: A Hot Dog Eating Man of Endurance-He has dedicated his life to competitive eating

The hotdogs! The crowds! The anticipation of being in front of people on a hot summer day and competing for the title of the number one hot dog eater! Oh, the joys of pushing the envelope on cramming hot dogs. Though this may seem kind of funny, and some people might even scoff at the […]

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Let’s get physical!

Let’s get physical! Though this year has kept us all inside, that doesn’t mean that we can’t be physically active and have fun doing it — instead of viewing it as a hassle, think of it as a challenge. Exercising during coronavirus is a lot simpler than you think. Easy, right? Not necessarily. If anything, […]

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Optimal study sounds

As the semester goes on, it kind of gets hard to have peace and quiet, especially during midterms, projects and final exams. You might want music, but then you find yourself scrolling through your device, leading you to wasting time looking for the one “perfect” song. However, there’s hope. As musician and philosopher John Cage […]