graphic by Madeline Woods

Magnifying TU

I am a student journalist at the University of Tulsa. I have been for four years. As I near graduation, I realize I have spent four years of my life reporting on this school while knowing basically nothing about how it operates. The powerful institutions that govern our lives ought to be transparent and open […]

A lifetime of growth with TU

I was basically born at TU. On my second day alive, my dad brought me to work with him in McClure Hall to show off his newborn daughter to his co-workers. When I was a toddler I was dressed up in a tiny Tulsa Cheerleader costume to attend home games. In middle school I spent […]

Administration changes at TU

Two significant changes to TU’s academic staff were announced via email last week. The first is that Vice President of Strategic Initiatives Janet Levit, formerly dean of TU Law, will be replacing Roger Blais as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. Blais has served TU since 1977 in the capacity of a physics professor, […]

The University of Tulsa needs to open up more to students, particularly when the administration has done nothing wrong. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Improve TU #1: Improve admin transparency

Students and the university would benefit from open administration meetings. For the average student at the University of Tulsa, administration is often unseen. We know the president, Gerard Clancy, and there is an off chance you may have met Vice President for Enrollment Earl Johnson, but unless you have spent a significant amount of time […]

Native American culture continues to thrive in Oklahoma. Citizens of 562 federally recognized tribes hold dual citizenship in the U.S. Photos by Kayleigh Thesenvitz

TU Indigenous Society hosts kaleidoscopic Pow Wow

President Clancy intends to replicate the energetic experience in future years. TU’s pulse pounded Saturday night in the Reynolds Center for the first annual TU Indigenous Society Pow Wow. A team of drummers and singers sat in a tight circle around three large drums in the center of the court, and dancers gathered around bouncing […]

Professors’ social media presence can be a great way to connect with friends and colleagues or a way for students to pry into their personal lives. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Point/counterpoint: Students should respect professors’ privacy

Professors do not agree to become the subject of scrutiny and speculation by virtue of teaching. The Internet has made it incredibly easy to access a plethora of personal information about absolutely anyone. With the majority of the U.S. population on Facebook, it is highly likely that you can find your classmates, colleagues and even […]

Feeder schools funnel students into TU. Graphic by Conner Maggio

How TU picked you: A look at the student recruitment process

The multilateral selection process can appear quite intimidating. TU’s Dean of Admissions Casey Reed explains how the office of admissions encourages applications and decides who to accept. Beyond a doubt, TU is a small school. Graduating high school students see only 3,000 undergrads at the university and wonder if they’ll even get in. Dean of […]

Meal sharing implemented

The new program could help more than 20 percent of TU’s student population. One young man’s initiative, and your support, could save many of TU’s poorest students from food insecurity. Conner Bender, the secretary of SA, has been working with Sodexo to pilot a food swipe donation program. The program began March 5, allowing students […]

TPS superintendent plans possible teacher walkout

All across the country, public school teachers are performing walkouts in demand for higher pay. Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Deborah Gist announced Sunday morning that the school district will join other districts across Oklahoma in a possible teacher walkout. “If our state legislature does not pass a plan to increase teacher pay and funding to […]