Legislative Digest

SB1016: This bill had the title stricken this week in committee (which means that the bill has to be reworked by the chamber, effectively giving the bill more time in the state legislature, as all bills need a summary statement at the beginning, called the title). It requires public schools that have enough money and […]

Students face a long wait when trying to print in the newly-updated computer lab at McFarlin Library. Photo by Michaela Flonard

Library computers take more time than they are worth

It can take more than 16 minutes to find a computer and print documents from the library, leaving students pressed for time. IT updated the library computer lab in September, with mixed results. On the plus side, the new study lounge is almost always in use by half a dozen students at a time. And […]

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Nonfiction to read if curious about ______

Editor-in-Chief Kayleigh Thesenvitz weighs in with three nonfiction books to read if you’re curious about female empowerment, global warming or poverty. If you’re curious about Native American history and female empowerment: “Cherokee Women in Crisis” by Carolyn Ross Johnston The best way to introduce this book is to quote its opening sentence: “In February 1757, […]

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Dr. McClendon takes on role as director of counseling

Director Michael McClendon discusses plans for the future of TU’s counseling. For many students on campus Dr. Michael McClendon is a well-known and trusted confidant. For many more an introduction is necessary. Recently promoted to director of counseling following the retirement of TU’s long-time director Dr. Tom Brian, McClendon has a long list of new […]

Nonfiction books to satisfy historical, political itches

Editor-in-Chief Kayleigh Thesenvitz weighs in with books for those curious about apartheid, political civility or self-fulfillment. If you’re curious about Apartheid South Africa: “Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood” by Trevor Noah You don’t have to be a fan of “The Daily Show” or any of Noah’s Netflix stand-ups to appreciate this […]

TU’s Presidential Leaders propose Okla. legislation

The students’ legislation has been adopted by Rep. Nichols for the upcoming legislative session. “Never underestimate the power of an 18-year-old,” said TU President Gerard Clancy, beaming with pride. Clancy was eager to brag about the 135 students of the Presidential Leaders Fellowship and the influence they have already exercised in Oklahoma. Specifically, the class […]

TU maintenance personnel repair a blue light outside of Fisher South. Photo by Kayleigh Thesenvitz

Broken blue phones back in action on campus

Editor’s Note: The following is a first person account of a Collegian investigation into the blue light emergency phones on campus. Because of the sensitivity of the issue, or of related issues that would complicate the lives of students and current and former employees, many of the sources asked to remain anonymous. After careful consideration, […]

A brief update on Okla. politics

In case your sole source for Oklahoma political news is this newspaper or you haven’t bothered to keep up with the subject since Thanksgiving, here is a brief list of what you missed. 1. On December 15, Oklahoma Watch reported that documents released by the state Department of Health included a summary of alleged deceptions […]