U.S. pulls out of Reagan-Gorbachev disarmament deal The United States pulled out of a 1987 nuclear arms deal with Russia last Friday, Feb. 1 with the White House claiming that Moscow had violated the deal and deployed missiles that were banned in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. Moscow denied any such breaches of the […]

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Gucci owner owes $1.6 billion in taxes The French-owned luxury goods group Kering disclosed that it is now facing a 1.4 billion euro back taxes claim by the Italian government. A subsidiary of Kering based in Sweden has been under investigation for some time on tax evasion elsewhere, but this more recent claim focuses on […]

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NFL considers reforms after blown call

Professional football expert Lindsey Prather discusses the consequences and possible rule changes to follow the egregious missed penalty in the NFC Championship. The NFL is currently dealing with yet another controversy regarding its officiating. The NFC championship had another miracle end their season in the playoffs. Only this time it wasn’t a miraculous play from […]

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Maduro Crisis in Venezuela Earlier this month, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro began his second term following an election plagued with claims of vote-rigging and the exclusion of his opposition’s biggest candidate. That candidate, Juan Guaidó of the Popular Will party, declared himself “acting president” this week, a move that necessitated responses from multiple leaders. Guaidó […]

The Rams and the Patriots face off Feburary 2. graphic by Conner Maggio

2019 Super Bowl predictions

The Collegian sports writing staff gives their takes on who will win next Sunday’s big game between the New England Patriots and the LA Rams. Brennen: Do I want to go with the dynastic overlords known as the Brady Bunch? Or the somehow-even-less-charming-but-still-loveable underdogs, the L.A. Rams? The question almost seems to come down to […]

Priefer while he was still with the Vikings. courtesy Minnesota Sports Fan

Browns’ new hire accused of bigotry

In re-stocking their coaching staff, the Cleveland NFL team hired a controversial new special teams coordinator who was accused of offensive comments in 2012. The Cleveland Browns underwent an extraordinary transformation in 2018 and have sought to build on that success in their offseason. Following the mid-season firing of Hue Jackson and the elevation of […]

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Brexit reaches impasse Following the Brexit vote on June 23, 2016, the British Parliament has tried to negotiate a trade deal with the European Union before the secession becomes official on March 29. This week, two votes were held regarding Brexit. The first resulted in Parliament voting down an act by a margin of 432-202 […]

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Clemson thrashes Alabama

College football writer Lindsey Prather details Clemson’s decisive 44-16 victory in the CFC. The Clemson Tigers topped off a perfect season with a complete shellacking of the Alabama Crimson Tide, winning 44-16 late Jan. 7th, in the process handing Nick Saban the worst loss he has experienced in his nearly 12 years at Alabama. Clemson […]

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Chiefs’ Mahomes an emerging star QB

NFL expert Lindsey Prather details the rising talent in professional football that is Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has had a record-setting season this year, following another fantastic game against the Cleveland Browns on Nov. 4. Mahomes was 23-of-32 for 375 yards, with three touchdowns and only one interception in […]

Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame mascots get hyped. graphic by Conner Maggio

College football who’s who: playoff edition

Football journalist Lindsey Prather details which teams are making it to the postseason. Following an absolute bloodbath in the rankings these last few weeks, the race for the College Football Playoff is looking narrower and narrower. The rankings are beginning to pan out, with obvious favorites running alongside some spectacular busts. That being said, here […]