TU student shared racist and homophobic messages

Former statewide Chair of College Republicans Sheridan Nolen posted offensive memes, inciting controversy among party figures. On March 7, the OU student newspaper, OU Daily, leaked multiple screenshots from the OU College Republicans GroupMe that contained explicitly racist, homophobic and otherwise insensitive content. The president of OU College Republicans, Luke Harshaw, was present in a […]

Eye On The World

Israel election results On Tuesday, Israel held elections for the 21st Knesset, the nation’s unicameral legislature. What originally looked like a dead heat between current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party and Benny Gantz’s Blue and White Party has now been declared a victory for Likud. With 100 percent reporting, they have won a 30 […]

Yiannopoulos was at one point scheduled to speak at CPAC. courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Milo Yiannopoulos tries, fails to book talk at TU

Yiannopoulos has gone from conservative upstart to a fringe figure of the alt-right. On April 4, controversial alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos posted on Facebook: “GREAT NEWS! Will shortly be speaking at The University of Tulsa. Details soon… That’s two golden hurricanes in your town.” The next day, Yiannopoulos posted something similar referencing a speaking engagement […]

The vast majority of purged voters are removed from registration on the basis of inactivity alone. courtesy KOSU

Okla. purges inactive voters

Citizens who haven’t participated in elections for eight years are at risk of losing their registration. Beginning in April, the Oklahoma State Election Board is set to continue its process of biennial purging of inactive voter registration. Although the legality of this procedure is still being challenged in many other states, proponents argue that Oklahoma’s […]

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Erdogan’s party loses elections in both Ankara and Istanbul President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AK Party (in English: Justice and Development) lost control of both Istanbul and Ankara on Sunday, as elections resulted in the opposition winning both cities’ mayoral positions. Though the nationwide elections bolstered the conservative Islamic party’s control in many regions, […]

Gronkowski will retire after nine seasons with the Patriots. courtesy ESPN

The Gronkowski is out-ski

Professional football journalist Lindsey Prather covers the departure of the NFL’s top tight end and what it means for the Patriots. The NFL offseason is always littered with announcements and retirements. Although the element of surprise was absent, Rob Gronkowski, the long-time tight end of the New England Patriots, announced his retirement via Instagram on […]

Philly and D.C. duke it out. graphic by Emma Palmer

A-Rod sparks Philly vs. D.C. debate

Baseball journalist Lindsey Prather weighs in on Alex Rodriguez’s inflammatory comments toward Washington D.C. as a sports city. Potential baseball Hall-of-Famer Alex Rodriguez drew the ire of sports fans in Washington D.C. following derogatory comments prompted by the departure of Bryce Harper from the Washington Nationals to join the Philadelphia Phillies. Harper signed a 13-year, […]

Trump’s campaign rallies are filled with dog-whistles. courtesy Flickr

Antisemetic Okla. Democratic HQ graffiti connected to POTUS

By not calling out white supremacist vitriol, the president emboldens racists. On March 28, surveillance video from the Oklahoma Democratic Party Headquarters in Oklahoma City recorded a woman armed with spray paint vandalizing the property with an assortment of slurs and other hateful content. Days later, the same woman was recorded once again committing similar […]

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India claims it shot down a satellite On Wednesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that the country successfully test-fired an anti-satellite weapon. Modi announced the test in a public address that came only weeks before a major election. According to multiple experts, this is a major development along India’s path to becoming a global […]

Second patient free of HIV in London A global health milestone was replicated in London on Tuesday, March 5, as an adult man was functionally cured of HIV in an experimental research trial. This outcome is a result of a series of bone marrow transplants from an HIV-resistant donor, as well as rigorous stem cell […]