New ideas displayed at Tulsa Ballet’s Studio K

“Tulsa Ballet II Emerging Choreographers Showcase” provides a space for new choreographers. At its heart, dance tells a story. This is what the “Tulsa Ballet II Emerging Choreographers Showcase” was about. The showcase featured three up-and-coming choreographers whose drastically different pieces each told a story. The showcase was performed in Tulsa Ballet’s Studio K, and […]

Administration should cut the red tape and the stress level of students by streamlining their services. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Improve TU #3: Reduce campus bureaucracy

Bureaucracy complicates students’ lives, making it more difficult to find information or accomplish tasks. In any organization there is bound to be bureaucracy. With the intricacies of running a university, there are a lot of things that bureaucracy is supposed to help with, things that students do not realize are necessary for the university to […]

Courtesy Tulsa Ballet

Tulsa Ballet’s “Cinderella” delightful, changes story

The “Cinderella” adaptation beautifully simplified the story with their magical styling and staging. The classic fairytale of Cinderella centers around the kind-hearted but mistreated Cinderella. She is a beautiful girl who is bullied by her stepmother and ugly stepsisters. However, on the night of the prince’s ball, her fairy godmother shows up and magically transforms […]