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Ireland’s lacrosse team steps down so the Iroquois Nationals can step up

Sportsmanship is the behavior associated with and strived for in all athletic competitions when it comes to the treatment of one’s fellow athletes, and is marked by traits of generosity and fairness across the board. A textbook example of this behavior is the actions of Ireland’s lacrosse team. In an act of true generosity, Ireland’s […]

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Covid-19 and the MLB season: What Happens Next?:

Baseball has been a favorite sport among many households in America since it’s historic beginnings on June 19, 1846, when the New York Nine beat the Knickerbockers in the first officially recorded game of “America’s Pastime.” Many people grow up with fond memories of eating a hot dog and drinking soda with their friends or […]

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Protestors challenge racist monuments

When asked in 2018 to consider what should happen in regards to Confederate monuments and statues — should they be taken down completely? What will take their places? Are they representative of a violent and racist American history? Will our history be forgotten and doomed to be repeated? — the response is mixed. Many artists […]

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TikTok sale raises international questions

For most young people now, especially in the U.S., it is difficult to remember, or imagine, how life was without social media. The world seems to be run, or perhaps overrun, by so much information at the touch of a button or the swipe across a screen. One of the newest crazes to hit the […]

Death of Jacob Blake motives push for social justice in NBA

The NBA playoffs is one of the most watched and most competitive parts of sports entertainment within the U.S. As the phrase goes, “everyone and their mom” will be watching every year. In a year of such uncertainty, it once seemed as if the world of professional sports would be going by the wayside for […]