Wingman targeted ads score me a date

Who needs privacy when you have Ben & Jerry’s? If it weren’t for targeted ads, I am not sure how I would’ve made it through my rough breakup. I was heartbroken after my boyfriend of two weeks dumped me. I had no one to turn to, so what did I do? Go on the Internet, […]

One of the gags in the video involved placing a student ID in a microwave to gain access to Fisher South. courtesy Achmed Johnson

The two students behind viral video recount process

The video, posted on Twitter to Internet acclaim, was a quickly-done, planned labor of love. On Sunday, August 25, TU freshmen Achmed Johnson and Logan Seeley posted a video to Twitter. In just a week, the video gained around five million views, 138 thousand shares, and 360 thousand likes. The video was first posted in […]

New couple Bill and Lucinda bring life to an otherwise dead event on their date. graphic by Conner Maggio

Cheap dates for cheapskates

Never worry about money again with these hot date ideas. Stuck in a rut with bae? Wanting to impress that cutie in your intro class? Get the biggest bang for your buck with State-Run’s best date ideas on and around campus. Bring your date along for your required community service: Show off your love of […]

Students feel the brunt of the blunt

Harmless plant renders hundreds of students felons. During the first day of class, President Clancy delivered a stern message regarding TU’s medical marijuana policy in a campus-wide email, stating that it is strictly prohibited on campus. The public outcry was immediate. This email united students all over the political spectrum. In front of Collins Hall, […]

Adam Lux post-bus. graphic by Raven Fawcett

Letter from the propagandist

Dear State-Run citizens, I regret to inform you that the previous State-Run Media’s Head Propagandist, Adam Lux, is recently deceased. Just a week before classes started, he was found squashed into the pavement outside Campus Security’s office, flat as the State-Run’s section. Eyewitnesses claim they saw a campus bus run him over on his way […]

Courtesy Take Back the Night

Students take back the night

At the “Take Back the Night” event, crowds showed up to support victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse. Last Wednesday night, around 80 people attended Take Back the Night. This night historically ties in with marches that began back in the 1970s through Europe and America to protest violence against women. It was the […]