courtesy University of Tulsa

Students organize upcoming Special Collections exhibit

Students present, as part of the course, “Cultural Responses to War in the 20th Century” on WWI from a millennial point of view. Soon Special Collections at McFarlin will host a new exhibit, this one coordinated by students. For Professor Kirsten Old’s Cultural Responses to War in the 20th Century class, students organized an exhibit […]

photo by Krya Manlove

TU’s colorful plans for celebrating pride month

SA transformed October into Pride Month at TU for the second year in a row, this time hoping to be both fun and educational. Although June has been designated as LGBT Pride Month, in honor of the Stonewall Riots, October is considered LGBT History Month. TU’s celebration of Pride spans October to November. This year […]

photo by Michaela Flonard

Students uncover cultural identity through masks

Student Association, the Association of International Students and the Multicultural Resource Center collaborated to show off students’ complex identities. If you happen to stop into the Multicultural Resource Center soon, you’ll see a scattering of masks lining the walls. These masks were produced for the Multicultural Identity Mask Project, in collaboration between SA, MRC and […]

photos by Adam Lux

Bleachers concert urges you to your feet

Bleachers, along with opener Bishop Briggs, gave an emotional rollercoaster of a concert. Watching Bishop Briggs literally run back and forth across the stage, as if she had just realized she needed to get ready for a marathon, gave me an energy at the start of the Bleachers concert I didn’t initially have. Bishop Briggs, […]

courtesy Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow

TU celebrates inaugural Native American Heritage Month

SA’s committee for diversity and multiculturalism will host several events in celebration of Native American culture, including a pow-wow. November is designated as National Native American Heritage Month, and for the first time, TU is taking part in this celebration. The celebration has been primarily organized by SA’s committee for diversity and multiculturalism, headed by […]

photo by Michaela Flonard

Philbrook gives “backstage pass” to museums

The Philbrook’s newest exhibit, “Museum Confidential,” provides an interactive and informative look on how museums work. If you’ve ever stared at a piece in a museum and wondered exactly how it made the cut, then Philbrook has a new exhibit that’s perfect for you. As for everyone else who’s happy with how museums are laid […]

Woman questions her boyfriend’s “equalist” stance

In light of friends’ experiences with her boyfriend, Amanda Smith almost realizes that just because someone calls himself an equalist doesn’t make him a nice guy. Amanda Smith, a sophomore chemical engineering student at the University of Tulsa, broke down in tears Wednesday after returning from the mall. Her boyfriend of three weeks, Brad Donald, […]