It’s the perfect time to start compiling your gift list and getting ideas on what to gift others. courtesy Public Domain Pictures

Holiday gift guide to start making your list

Buying or asking for gifts can be stressful, but this guide can give good ideas for any need or person in your life. With the holiday season just around the corner, your mom may have started asking what’s on your Christmas list. Or maybe you’re trying to come up with gift ideas for the other […]

Patients are encouraged to receive a different booster than their original vaccination. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Booster shots authorized for three COVID-19 vaccines

Extra shots are now being administered for those who meet the CDC’s requirements. All three COVID-19 vaccines approved by the FDA have now been approved for booster shots. With the rise of the delta variant this summer, infections and hospitalizations increased, even in those who were already vaccinated, considered breakthrough cases. The vaccine companies were […]

Supplies on TU campus resemble those in public schools with unclear channels for replacing used products. photo by Adam Walsh

Employees find new freedom through pandemic

As burnout combines with poor working conditions and irate customers, some employees have started saying no. Signs are posted on a number of businesses across the nation. “Due to an understaffed kitchen, wait times may be longer than normal, and we apologize.” It was around the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that these signs started […]

Bezos’ rocket a waste of resources

The world’s richest man keeps moving away from earth, but what does that mean for us groundlings? Last week, Jeff Bezos, founder and executive chairman of Amazon, announced that he was headed to space by partnering with Blue Origin on the Orbital Reef, a low-orbit space station described as a “mixed-use business park.” You would […]

Ways to celebrate Halloween in Tulsa

From spooky to wholesome, here are different ways Tulsa rocks Halloweekend. Halloween was just around the corner, and as we sort our trick-or-treating spoils and put our costumes back in the closet, let’s reflect on some of the amazing events that were hosted around Tulsa this year. Living in a city as large as Tulsa, […]

“The Owl House” first premiered on Jan. 20, 2020 and is currently in its second season. courtesy Disney Channel

“The Owl House” scores high with representation

In the animated kids show “The Owl House,” characters of all kinds adventure between the human and demon worlds. If you’re in need of a spooky television show to watch this season, I would love to wholeheartedly recommend “The Owl House” to you, which can be streamed on Disney+. Enemies-to-lovers gay witches, a loveable demon […]

Positive differences to survive midterms

Midterms are brutal, but with small changes, positive differences can be made not only to survive, but to thrive. Midterms are underway with a noticeable difference in our student body. Assigned a number of lab reports, essays and exams a week, sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to have anything in the schedule that doesn’t […]

Tulsa State Fair has a rich history

A tradition lasting over one hundred years, the Tulsa State Fair is an eleven day family-friendly event for all to attend. It’s time for the annual Tulsa State Fair! The Tulsa State Fair kicks off the fourth Thursday after Labor Day and maintains its stay for eleven days. With such an extended timeframe, a large […]

Waffles v. pancakes

Have just enough Bisquick to make one more meal? Here’s why it should be a batch of waffles. Myranda: Waffles versus pancakes, one of the world’s largest and oldest debates, and yet, the one with the most straightforward of answers. Hours could be spent arguing the pointless battle of which breakfast item consisting of almost […]