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Trump worries over incoming migrant caravan President Trump has made public his contempt of a caravan made up of thousands of migrants, mostly Hondurans, who have been pushing north from their home country. Last Thursday, the caravan split into multiple groups while making their way through Guatemala. Many of the migrants say they are heading […]

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President Trump “disappointed” with Fed policies Last week, President Trump criticized the Federal Reserve, calling it “far too stringent” and “out of control.” He stated he would not fire Fed chairman Jay Powell, but that he is disappointed with his policies. Aside from those comments given at the White House, he told Fox News he […]

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Osaka cuts ties with San Francisco over controversial statue Osaka, Japan officially cut sister-city ties with San Francisco last week as tensions over a controversial statue boiled over. The statue depicts a Korean activist, Kim Hak-sun, gazing at women from the Philippines, Korea and China standing on a pedestal and holding hands. It commemorates the […]

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Authorities disarm entire police force of Acapulco in Mexico Mexican state and federal authorities disarmed the police force of Acapulco during an ongoing investigation into possible gang infiltration. The state government said they took the action “because of suspicion that the force had probably been infiltrated by criminal groups” and “the complete inaction of municipal […]

A fall film round up to spice up your season

We have scary and not-so-scary movies that pair well with popcorn and an autumnal night in. Scary/violent ones: “Hereditary” The Graham family balances grief and relief after a cruel grandmother passes away. To Annie Graham’s horror, her mother’s lingering presence may be more than emotional. This movie sets a new bar for contemporary horror movies. […]

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Rail train to link Hong Kong to mainland China A bullet train connecting Hong Kong and mainland China launched in an opening ceremony last Saturday. The commute between the southern city of Guangzhou and Hong Kong is now 40 minutes, less than half the time of older trains. Officials say the new train will help […]

India hopefully first of many nations to legalize homosexuality

India decriminalizing homosexuality is the beginning of a global progression toward LGBTQ acceptance Many historians claim that India, previous to colonial rule, tolerated LGBTQ people. Gender fluidity and homosexuality were celebrated in mythology, and homosexuals were ignored and could do as they pleased. However, in the mid-nineteenth century, India’s colonial administration established Section 377. Section […]

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Oklahoma governor candidate indicted on murder-for-hire

The eclectic Joe Exotic, equal parts politician and safari zoo runner, holds a few dark secrets. Oklahoma native, zookeeper and previous presidential candidate “Joe Exotic” was indicted on two murder-for-hire charges on September 7. A press release from the Department of Justice alleges he paid an unnamed person $3,000 in November of last year “to […]

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Amazon chief Jeff Bezos gives $2 billion to charity Last Thursday, Amazon chief executive and founder Jeff Bezos pledged to give $2 billion to the “Day One Fund,” a fund he is establishing. In a statement, Bezos said the fund would focus on “funding existing non-profits that help homeless families, and creating a network of […]

Throughout the rest of September, take the time to check in on those around you. graphic by Conner Maggio

Suicide awareness day a reminder to be kind

National suicide awareness day is a way for the public to decrease the stigma surrounding suicidal thoughts. Reports show that nearly one million suicides occur globally each year. In other words, someone dies by suicide every 40 seconds. Using data from 2016, The World Health Organization reported that suicide is the second leading cause of […]