Like Pepe the Frog, white nationalists attempted to change the meaning of the OK sign. courtesy Flickr

OK sign not restricted to white nationalism

Though political internet groups co-opt mainstream symbols, their varying meanings still exist in a larger cultural context. With the rise of the internet and the spreading of social media, common symbols have a variety of different meanings due to their use by different groups. Because of this, symbols may gain negative connotations due to the […]

Content creators need ads to survive fiscally

Anyone who enjoys content created on the Internet has an obligation to pay the creator, and viewing ads is the best way to do so. Advertising has always been a key feature of media since its rise into the public sphere. Without revenue from advertising, many media sources lack the ability to support themselves in […]

The Flat Earth conspiracy has infamously gained traction over the last few years. Graphic by Conner Maggio

Conspiracy theory renaissance linked to internet culture

Online forums allow global interaction between large numbers of individuals, but also enable the spread of gross information. Throughout the United States and, in some respects, the rest of the world, there has been a growth in conspiratorial beliefs. These beliefs range from the Earth being flat to new political conspiracies, such as Q-Anon. For […]

Allotting a specific day off of work for citizens to vote will ostensibly increase voter turnout. graphic by Conner Maggio

Election Day holiday vital for voter turnout

Tulsa Public Schools’ decision to make Election Day a holiday for its employees bodes well for the health of Tulsa’s democracy. The Tulsa Public Schools Board is in the progress of making November 6, Election Day, a holiday for all employees. Through this policy, all school employees will be able to vote without worrying about […]

Self-driving shuttles part of safer future

Driverless vehicles in downtown Tulsa would improve the safety and efficiency of the city’s public transportation. With the opening of the Gathering Place on September 8, city council officials are currently deciding on new forms of transport in Tulsa. These new driverless shuttle services would allow visitors to ride from the Gathering Place to Philbrook […]

courtesy Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Officials’ statements against walkout misguided

The teacher walkout is a demonstration of the freedom of assembly, a right which should not be berated by state officials. The Oklahoma teacher walkout continued throughout the last week as teachers fought for more education funding. After receiving a pay raise of 6,000 dollars and 50 million dollars toward school funding, teachers continued to […]

Improve TU #13: Accept pet fees, not expensive punishments

The university would save more money, and students would be happier, if apartments created new guidelines for legal pet ownership. Currently, there is no system that would allow students to have pets on campus. The current system pushes a fine of $500 dollars on any student, besides those in the West Park Apartments, who has […]

The Tower of Reconciliation at John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park is a perfect example of a monument that students should learn more about. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Improve TU #18: Add a Tulsa history Block II class

A Tulsa history class would encourage discussions on important issues, which have and will continue to affect the U.S. as a whole. One missing element in the University of Tulsa’s history curriculum is the option of learning about local history. While discussing events in world history is obviously extremely important, a Tulsa history course could […]

Improve TU #21: Let them share paper

Students should be allowed to transfer their unused printing pages to students who have run out of pages to print. At the University of Tulsa, each major has different academic needs. One that is consistent across majors is the access to paper and the use of a printer. Due to the necessities of their classes, […]

Tax bill requirements dampen competition in legislature

Lack of competition in state legislature largely springs from the stringent requirements imposed on tax bills. In the upcoming Oklahoma midterm elections, there is a lack of declared officials running for the Oklahoma House of Representatives and the Senate. Currently, there are only 41 candidates running for 24 Senate seats. Three of these open seats […]