Gun licensing bill overshoots, gives rights to too many

The Oklahoma state legislature is trying to loosen restrictions on gun control at a time when they should tighten them. On February 5, House Representatives Jeff Coody and Nathan Dahm proposed House Bill 2951, which made new changes to requirements for carrying firearms. After succeeding in the Public Safety Committee, the bill is now headed […]

The University of Tulsa allows a large number of AP scores to be counted for class credit, depending on the score a student receives on their test. Courtesy University of Tulsa

AP class credit rewards students for hard work

Many universities are tightening their standards for AP credits, which is a disservice to students’ bank accounts and experience. Throughout the country, participation in Advanced Placement classes is on the rise with new students every year being involved in these more difficult courses. Students are not only taking these classes at a higher level but […]

Oklahoma legislative session began Feb. 5

Prepare for the 2018 legislative session by reading up on what’s ahead. The Oklahoma legislative session began February 5, and work has started on fixing the issues at hand. The major focus at the beginning will be on bills that are specifically marked Emergency. For example, Senate Bill 1 addresses a current issue with Oklahoma […]

Loot boxes should legally be considered gambling

Loot boxes cost money, rely on chance and are frequently overused, which fits the definition of gambling under Oklahoma law. The video game industry has quickly grown into one of the highest grossing entertainment industries ever, but legislation has lagged behind. One of the current major issues is whether digital loot boxes should be considered […]

The disapproval ratings for Governor Fallin and the Oklahoma state legislature pale in comparison to the public’s distaste for education funding, suggesting that education affects people’s view of government. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Okla. education woes cause disapproval ratings to soar

Voters condemn the legislature and Governor Fallin’s work, but not for their legislation or general policies as one might assume. A recent poll created by Sooner Poll, an independent non-partisan Oklahoma political pollster, stated that Oklahoma support of their government is currently at a low point. Of 419 eligible Oklahoma voters, 58 percent have an […]

Congressional election to be decided by money, voter turnout

Kevin Hern is likely to win the election to replace 1st District Representative Bridenstine because of his spending power. Jim Bridenstine, current House of Representatives member from the 1st Congressional District of Oklahoma, could be leaving his position due to a new role as the head of NASA. After the White House nominated him, Bridenstine […]