National parks were just some of the public assets affected by the shutdown. Courtesy Fox News

A brief rundown on the government shutdown

The government shutdown was historic, inconvenient and avoidable. On January 20 at 12:00:01 a.m., the first government shutdown of 2018 was initiated. A disagreement over what to do regarding immigration in the Senate triggered the shutdown, which lasted three days. This is the second shutdown in approximately five years. The previous shutdown occurred under the […]

Saving Strays

One student’s story of rescuing a stray dog and finding it a loving home. I spent the weekend with a King. On a seemingly normal Friday night, my weekend was changed completely. I had decided to spend time with some friends at the University of Tulsa Pi Kappa Alpha House (Pike). A few of my […]

Amazon narrows headquarters’ search to exciting, large cities

Amazon is looking to settle into a big city, bringing jobs and money, which would be a perfect fit for Montgomery County, Alabama. Amazon’s reach touches millions every day. Whether you are ordering something from the tech giant’s website, or shopping at Whole Foods, every dollar you spend is making Amazon richer. The founder of […]

Left to right: Dallas Elleman, Caroline Rodgers, and Conner Bender. courtesy University of Tulsa

TU’s Innovation Fellows near completion of training

The University of Tulsa is preparing to send its first cohort of University Innovation Fellows to Google Headquarters in Palo Alto, California to complete their training. Originating from Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (, the University Innovation Fellowship is a program designed to “empower students to become agents of change at their schools”. […]