Green the Vote has been a driving force in Oklahoma marijuana petitions. courtesy KOKH

Green in Green Country: a history of marijuana in Okla.

Recent State Question referendums and petitions have enacted a turbulent period of marijuana legislation in Oklahoma. Medical marijuana was recently legalized in Oklahoma, making it the 30th state to do so. After nearly a century of anti-cannabis legislation, the laws and governing bodies of Oklahoma had to revise and create new strategies to deal with […]

Increased kinetic activity and self-pacing are designed to help students in Montessori schools have a more direct say in the direction of their own education. courtesy Flickr

Montessori school opens doors to new thinking

Educational options should grow to meet the diverse needs of students, and Montessori is a welcome addition to Tulsa public schools. The first Montessori school in Tulsa opened this August, generating a fair bit of excitement. Parents and teachers are happy to see a new kind of public school available for children from pre-K to […]

Raven’s declassified res hall survival guide

A Housing Staff member’s insights to help you navigate your new home away from home. Moving into a residence hall is tough. Suddenly, there are people everywhere — you can’t even brush your teeth alone, much less blast your music at midnight like you could in high school. With res hall living comes Housing Staff […]

Worlds revealed at McFarlin Library in “From Beyond the Unknown”

McFarlin’s Special Collections dazzles with its latest exhibit on science fiction, which offers a glimpse into the genre’s fun and sometimes silly past. Robots. Laser guns. The myth that solely-female planets would welcome visiting men. “From Beyond the Unknown” features snapshots of the best and worst from science fiction of the decades past“From Beyond the […]

Legislative Digest

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature, and the bills and politics you need to know. Oklahoma’s legislature will outlast our semester. That’s no measure of how productive they’ve been, of course. As ever, the purpose of this article is not only to convey news and reactions to […]

People have a personal stake in whether they allow the newscycle to affect their lives and consume their time. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Point/counterpoint: Reading news vital to community

With many news sources available, you shouldn’t alienate yourself from the news and your community. Oklahoma consistently turns out some of the fewest voters in the states. In fact, just 32.3 percent of eligible voters turned out for the 2014 midterm elections. Tulsa is a city of just over 400,000 people. It’s a relatively small […]

Legislative Digest

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature, and the bills and politics you need to know. To cheer us all up from the impending horror that is finals and, worse, all the projects and homework due before finals, here is your reminder that if legislation can pass through […]

Improve TU #4: Early core classes strain students, professors

Requiring students to attend classes before they are fully awake needlessly complicates their lives. Every major has core classes that are required for graduation. They range from classes that gently prep students with the knowledge they’ll be expected to know for their upper-level courses, to grueling requirements that weed out the kids that will soon […]

Improve TU #8: Teach health and sex ed classes

Students’ health and futures are on the line when considering ways to inform them about their anatomy and safe sex. “Pulling out isn’t an effective method,” my friend said, tilting his head over a GroupMe message he was about to send. He’d meant it as a joke. Someone had said they had just pulled in, […]