Doctors worry Trump may have infected Biden during the debate, point to hot makeout session as source.

Everyone who sat through the first presidential debate last Tuesday can agree that tensions between the candidates were incredibly high. The two men bit and tore into each other like animals, interrupting, name-calling and turning the debate into more of a cat fight than a serious discussion of policy. Of course, with the recent diagnosis […]

The Super Tuesday states pictured with who won the state, with the total number of delegates available listed. graphic by Sara Serrano

Biden wins every county in Okla. Democratic primary

Joe Biden won 10 of the 14 Super Tuesday states, now leading the total Democratic delegates ahead of Bernie Sanders. With only seven months to go before the general election, it’s peak presidential primary season. Last Tuesday, residents of 14 states — including Oklahoma — and one U.S. territory went to the polls to vote […]

Her power only grows stronger ... graphic by Collegian staff

Letter from the Propagandist

My dearest loyal subjects (of voting age), It is my great pleasure to announce the State-Run Media’s 2020 presidential endorsement. After much careful consideration and brutal deliberation, I have decided to endorse none other than our own TU Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Interim President Janet Levit for President (of the United States). […]

One grande latte, hold the bureaucracy

A simple question leaves me cutting through a jungle of red tape. I’m nearly there, dear reader. Answers are hard to come by in this present climate. I never expected this journey to be easy, but I also never thought I’d change so much along the way. Monday morning. The McFarlin cafe. Two dollars and […]

“Perfect Blue” centers on the career of pop star-turned-actress, Mima. courtesy Rex Entertainment

Anime “Perfect Blue” explores toxic fan culture

Circle Cinema screened “Perfect Blue” for Anime Club, delving into the idea of obsessive adoration of pop culture idols. Fangirl (noun): a girl or woman who is an extremely or overly enthusiastic fan of someone or something. (Merriam-Webster) Between the ages of 12 and 17, I was what the internet would snidely refer to as […]

What’s the point of writing this damn thing if no one’s gonna ask me about it? photo by Emma Palmer

Why is no one asking me about my screenplay?

I’m far too talented to be treated like this. This is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been sitting in this coffee shop for over an hour now, hunched over my Macbook Air, sipping this lavender infused cold brew, and not one person here has had the common decency to ask me about my screenplay. I chose this […]

Kendall Hall, home of various TU artistic programs, is scheduled to be destroyed soon. graphic by Emma Palmer

TU founds e-sports team

The University of Tulsa consoles art students with promises of big e-sports wins. In these worrying times — with winds of change intangible and yet inexorably smothering — comfort and reassurance are crucial. TU administration understands the uncertainty its students are feeling right now in the sudden wake of the True Commitment initiative. They see […]

The Troy smart speaker, sponsored by Monster Energy, has already helped countless men — just like you — get laid. graphic by Conner Maggio

Artificial intelligence: now just for straight men

Meet Troy, the brand new mansplaining smart speaker, man’s best friend and wingman. After a long night of bar hopping, flirting and flexing your way across town, you’ve finally brought a suitable conquest home with you. You’ve wined her, dined her. Things are getting hot and heavy — she’s taken off her jacket —but she […]