graphic by Conner Maggio

Coke puts coke back in Coke

Nothing says Coca-Cola like cocaine! Coming soon to supermarket shelves near you, Coca-Cola has announced a new line of cocaine-infused beverages. “There’s a massive hype around CBD [cannabidiol, a pain-relieving compound found in marijuana]-infused products these days,” said Coca-Cola spokesperson Karl Rimm in a recent press conference, “and companies are making a killing putting it […]

Great British Porno

The newest season of The Great British Baking Show piqued the interest of many top porn companies. Your bag of chips is full. Your blanket nest is warm. Netflix is pulled up and you’re ready to binge-watch the newest season of “The Great British Baking Show,” never mind the fact that the only thing you’ve […]

Amanda McCavour's “Diaphanous Embroidery” proved to be enchanting upon a second viewing. photo by Sara Serrano

First Friday featured parking, art and music

First Friday showed off some notable galleries, but was a mess to find convenient parking. For the Tulsa Arts District, the beginning of every month means a return of the First Friday Art Crawl, replete with music, vendors, activities and, of course, art. Despite the threat of rain, I headed downtown to see what this […]

Weeding out the inebriates

Campus Security officers develop new surefire methods to catch potheads in the act. Amid changes in state legislation and a large influx of new students, Campus Security has now put in new programs to ensure that TU students stay sober. And rather than taking preventative measures, Campo will be looking to catch students in the […]

What TU doesn't want you to see: Goldie clones traveling via the hidden tunnels outside the Physical Plant. graphic by Conner Maggio

What’s the deal with all these holes?

Holes, secret tunnels and clones of a beloved golden retriever are all strands in TU’s web of lies. If you haven’t seen or fallen into one yet, it might interest you to know that several holes have recently opened up around campus grounds. Currently, sources report one by the Caf, another by Lorton Hall and […]

Local student learned more from Duolingo than flirtatious Parisians. graphic by Conner Maggio

Study abroad student’s life unchanged

A TU student had only a good time in France. As classes begin again and people start to settle back into their lives in Tulsa, there is always one thing to count on: everyone who studied abroad this summer will tell their classmates stories about how the experience changed their entire perspective on the world […]

photos by Sara Serrano

Downtown Tulsa’s new bikeshare a success

The new program provides citizens with a relatively easy ride around downtown Tulsa. Notice anything different about Downtown Tulsa recently? Good, you don’t need glasses yet. This past July, about 150 bikes were stationed in the area by the non-profit Tulsa Bike Share in partnership with Tulsa Tough. The bikes were provided by This Machine, […]