GOP bored with Ted Cruz’s porn preference

When news broke that Ted Cruz had liked a pornographic video on Twitter late Monday night, the general public was taken aback. However, those most shocked were members Cruz’s own party, all tensely awaiting to hear exactly what Cruz preferred when it came to smut. “To be honest, I thought it was going to be […]

Humans Of Tulsa: Michael Heins

SS: “Why did you pick mechanical engi- neering as your major?” MH: “I always enjoyed building as a kid, like toy boats and rollercoasters with ki- netX. And I knew that I enjoyed math and science but I wanted something creative, so not just research. So when I came to college I thought engineering would […]

Humans Of Tulsa: Katie Murphy

SS: “What made you want to study biology?” KM: “I don’t know when it started. When I was really young I would always be the kind of kid that would bring in like a handful of June Bugs or whatever. And I’ve always liked life, you know, it was kind of pure. [Biology] was about […]