Is This America?

Hello, I’m an alien visiting from the far past and far future. Time is merely a construct, eh? Anyways, I’m only 192 years old, so I’m in the middle of what you mortals call “high school,” I believe. I’m taking a universal history course, and we have to do a project about a specific location […]

Kathryn Polk delivered a heartfelt and deeply personal lecture discussing her work and inspiration. photo by Stasha Cole

Kathryn Polk brings personal history to Hogue Gallery

“Spilt Milk” is full of prints featuring individual symbols and stories from Polk’s own life. The Alexandre Hogue Gallery hosted an artist’s talk and opening reception on Jan. 23 to introduce Kathryn Polk and her work to TU students, faculty and visitors. Polk has been a lifelong illustrator, but within the last two decades, she […]

Abby Bozarth, Audrey McSperitt-Schmidt and Dana Fitzgerald-Maher perform together as the Vintage Wildflowers. photo by Stasha Cole

The Vintage Wildflowers bring elegance to their performances

The three-woman band combines virtuosic singing and instrumentalism to every show. On Thursday, Jan. 16, the Vintage Wildflowers graced Lorton Performance Center with a concert. I had never listened to any of their songs, and I wasn’t even sure what type of music they played, but the band name invoked images of pastures and bookstores, […]

A case illustrates the influence of magic in popular culture through objects like Day of the Dead candles and crystals. photo by Stasha Cole

McFarlin exhibits occult and mystical materials

Special Collections hosts books and objects, educating viewers about the history and practices of mysticism. This semester, McFarlin Library is showcasing an exhibit called “Magic and Mystical: The Occult” in the Special Collections library. The display includes five cases of books and occult objects, both old and new. The collection’s didactic texts explained that “the […]

Silver Sphere’s second EP is less than half an hour-long, but includes several memorable songs. courtesy HUMAN RE-SOURCES

Pop artist Silver Sphere’s “yikes!” perfect fall listening

The musician’s second EP incorporates catchy lyrics with playful music videos and beats. When you are drowning in midterms and aching for a change of scene, listening to Silver Sphere’s second EP during a night drive downtown is the perfect antidote. This artist is my new favorite. The EP, “yikes!” is an energetic and melancholic […]

David Grann spoke about his book, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” in the Reynolds Center. courtesy Doubleday

Panel discussion accompanies talk on Osage murders

Before David Grann’s Presidential lecture, a panel debated indigenous issues in future adaptation of “Killers of the Flower Moon.” In the past two weeks, there have been three events discussing David Grann’s book, “Killers of the Flower Moon.” On Oct. 17, the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities organized an event called “Big Ideas at TU: […]

Pornhub’s insights page shows statistics about each minute viewers spend on their site. graphic by Emma Palmer

Pornography distorts images of sexuality and identity

Campus organizations facilitated a discussion about the effects of frequent porn visitation on perception of sex. On the evening of Oct. 16, SAVE, TITAN and TU Panhellenic sponsored an event called “Pop Culture and Trauma: The Implications of Pornography,” in which Kelsey Hancock and Dr. Jennifer Airey facilitated a discussion about the benefits and ramifications […]