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Atlanta Braves win 2021 World Series

Sports analyst Tommy Reid discusses the team’s fight through adversity to defeat the Houston Astros. The 2021 World Series is now complete and with that comes a new MLB world champion: the Atlanta Braves. The number two ranked American League Houston Astros took on the number three ranked National League Champion Atlanta Braves in this […]

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The MLB Playoffs continue to excite

Sports Analyst Tommy Reid discusses both American and National League standings. With the regular MLB season ended, it is now time for some postseason action. Both the wild card games as well as the division series have been completed. The Playoffs began with the Wild Card Games. The Boston Red Sox played the New York […]

The carnival was held Monday on Dietler Commons. photo by Tommy Reid

Homecoming events a welcome return as pandemic wanes

After last year’s events were stifled by COVID-19, TU enjoyed the usual festivities throughout Homecoming week. Homecoming 2021 is now complete, and it was a fantastic week celebrating the reunion of past classes with current students. This year, the theme that the Alumni Association chose for homecoming was “Let the Hurricane Roar.” This theme comes […]

Users were unable to access Facebook services for six hours last Monday. courtesy Pixaby

The social media site, alongside Instagram and Messenger, were unavailable for users last Monday.

The social media site, alongside Instagram and Messenger, were unavailable for users last Monday. Facebook. A company that has become ingrained in daily life for billions of users around the world, is a company that has seen much swift growth in the past while seeing much slower growth recently. This past Monday, despite being one […]

San Diego Padre’s first no-hitter

It started out as a normal night when the San Diego Padres began game one of their three game series in Arlington playing the Texas Rangers. However, as would soon be seen, this game would be anything but normal as Padre’s history would be made just a few hours after the first pitch was thrown. […]

NCAA championship

Last Monday, the 2021 Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship game took place in Indianapolis, Indiana. This game was the culmination of an uncertain season that many people thought would not even happen. Because the season did happen, it showed that despite many changes that took place to have this season, it was still able to be […]

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Major League Baseball has finally come back

On Thursday of this past week, the 2021 MLB season began. After a long winter, baseball is now back. While the original plan was for all 30 teams to play on opening day, this did not happen due to several reasons. The opening game in the series between the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red […]