Loney’s writing career has been prolific so far, and he shows no signs of slowing down. courtesy Verona Booksellers

TU junior to publish third novel

Bryant Loney talks Nickelodeon, the 2000s and his new novel, “Sea Breeze Academy.” Bryant Loney is a junior at TU with two published novels to his name — and a third on the way. This isn’t just remarkable for someone his age, or for the fact that he’s been balancing the pursuit of an education […]

A bittersweet, succinct goodbye letter

I’m constantly thinking: it’s weird being at this exact moment of time. I think this about a lot of moments that feel rare, that I’ve anticipated or even dreaded for a long while. I think it on holidays, at funerals, and I know I’ll feel it at my commencement. Before that however, this, the last […]

Students can feel pressured or motivated by changing the weight of their grades with a plus/minus system. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Point/counterpoint: Pluses and minuses an A+ GPA system

A student’s GPA does not necessarily represent a student’s understanding of a course, and GPAs should more accurately describe a student’s work. Throughout middle school, I was an A-minus student; when I got to high school, I’ll confess to something closer to a solid B then a B-plus average. When I came to the University […]

The event, open to the public, filled up with curious Tulsans and TAF Fellows alike. Courtesy Tulsa Artist Fellowship

TAF Writer’s Salon a varied literary experience

Featuring readings from two experimental translators and a poet, the most recent iteration of Tulsa Artist Fellowship’s Writer’s Salon took a different direction. The theme of last Wednesday’s Writer’s Salon, hosted by the Tulsa Artist Fellowship and featuring Literary Arts Fellows from the program, was “Translation.” As such, two of the performing Fellows were translators, […]

Courtesy Sony Pictures Classics

Best Picture nominees summed up

The upcoming 90th Academy Awards have a strong roster of Best Picture nominees, briefly summarized and detailed here. “Call Me By Your Name” What It’s About: A teen on the cusp of manhood falls in love with his father’s male research assistant over the course of the summer in Italy. Other Nominations: Actor in a […]

Some students cheat so conspicuously that honest students are left to wonder why they, too, aren’t cheating if they won’t face repercussions. Courtesy Sean Locke/Stocksy

Academic dishonesty a disservice to everyone but cheaters

Most students have cheated academically once or twice, but serial cheaters skew the meaning of a good GPA. In middle school, I once transcribed the study guide to a theology exam on my arm and saw another student do the same on their leg. After the test, I debated with my friends whether I should […]

What TU’s Office of Career Services can do for you

Director Shelly Holly discusses opportunities available to students through the Office of Career Services. The Office of Career Services is bigger and perhaps more capable than ever to help students “define and clarify goals, explore alternatives, identify options and plan a job search strategy,” according to their website. The office has a wealth of opportunities […]

Professors deserve to teach to the students who attend class and respect their time, not struggle to keep up enthusiasm as they work with the few students who have shown up. Courtesy Flickr

Attendance policies vary, best left to the professor’s judgment

Showing up to class respects the professor’s time and benefits students who are looking to learn the material efficiently. Just as class structure greatly varies, so too does attendance policy. In your first week of the spring semester, you’ve probably experienced an onslaught of syllabuses and class introductions, and more often than not you’ve heard […]

The most recent entry in the legendary saga was met with a slew of positive and negative reviews alike. Courtesy Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

“Star Wars VII” a mixed bag

The film has its blunders, and plenty of them, but the positives ultimately outshine any glaring negatives. (Major spoilers follow) I don’t know that I even consider myself a “Star Wars” fan per se, but it is a series I find myself thinking of much too often and, thanks to the new trilogy of sequels […]