Human Sexuality class much less exciting than you would think

Sources confirmed last Thursday that SOC 2125, Sociology of Human Sexuality, is much less exciting than one would think. “I showed up on the first day thinking it would be my favorite class,” said Walter Smits, one of the students enrolled in the course. “Turns out we’re just learning about people’s attitudes toward sex and […]

Announcement: Racism over

This week, I was doing some casual data mining to check up on the loyal citizens of the State-Run Media, and I realized something strange. It seems that Racism is over. I know, I was super surprised too. But the evidence is too overwhelming to ignore. In 2013, black men made only 73 cents for […]

TU Professor gets national recognition for study

TU biology professor Dr. Warren Booth has garnered national recognition for his work on a bedbug study, in collaboration with many other researchers of various nationalities. Booth co-authored the study, which found its way into “Molecular Ecology” and also was subject of a column by Carl Zimmer, a science writer for the New York Times. […]

Eye on the World

IS targets bombed by Egypt On Monday, Egyptian jets bombed Islamic State targets in the Libyan city of Derna. The strikes were Egypt’s response to a video showing the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians. This video is the first to have originated from outside IS territory in Syria and Iraq. Days later, Egyptian President […]

Campus Crime Watch

The Collegian does not produce or edit the Campus Crime Watch except for content and brevity. Feb. 12 5:30 p.m. Officers investigated a suspicious person at Keplinger Hall. Upon arrival officers spoke with a former student who matched the description of the suspicious person. They were disgruntled upon our contact with them and stated that […]

Panel to tackle stigmas surrounding transgender issues

On Thursday, Feb. 26th, HeadStrong, Pride, and Women’s and Gender Studies organizations will be working together to host a panel on Trans Identities and Mental Health. The panel will be held in Chapman Lecture Hall at 7 pm that evening. Tara Grigson is a sophomore and founder of the student organization HeadStrong, which advocates for […]

Construction Notice

The I-244 highway running through Tulsa is projected to be under construction through the month of March. The construction will affect areas around Lewis running East to West, and around 11th to Pine running North to South. There will be lane and ramp closures on the highway. The project is estimated to cost $36.2 million, […]

11th Street businesses ousted, some fail to recover

In 2006, the University of Tulsa bought out property along 11th Street, with the goal of building along the property. This, of course, caused the uprooting of a few businesses along the way. Starship Records and Tapes and Metro Diner were two businesses that were forced to move. Today, these businesses have experienced varied success. […]

Tulsa Public Schools bond measures up for vote

Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) may soon have funding for several new projects if four different bond issues pass on March 3. In order to pass, each initiative needs 60 percent support. The first initiative is the largest at $239.74 million. This money would cover improvements for TPS facilities and is divided into 19 items. The […]