Gov. announces state hiring freeze

It was expected that the state of Oklahoma could bring in about $300 million less next year than it did this year. That number has since been adjusted to about $600 million. For reference, the governor’s budget listed an expected revenue of about $7.212 billion and a slightly lower expected expenditure. In response to the […]

Campus Crime Watch

Feb. 6 11:25 p.m. Officers were dispatched to Fisher South to investigate a suspicious odor. Officers found marijuana and paraphernalia in the room. Officers destroyed and disposed of the items. 1:02 a.m. Officers are investigating malicious mischief/vandalism reported by the Kappa Sigma fraternity. During the listed date & times, unknown persons threw eggs at the […]

Eye on the World

Malaysia upholds one conviction, arrests dissident On Tuesday, Malaysia’s highest court upheld Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction for sodomy. Sodomy is illegal in the Muslim majority nation, but few are prosecuted. The current opposition leader and former Deputy Prime Minister had a previous conviction for sodomy, but it was overturned in 2004. In 2008, he faced a […]

Phi Mu Alpha serenades

On Friday night, the music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha had its third annual Philanthropy Week Recital. The recital featured a variety of music. It started with a cover of “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, showcasing impressive dancers and a fantastic trumpet section. Phi Mu Alpha performed a total of thirteen tracks. Although […]

Photographer reframes yoga

The atmosphere at Be Love Yoga Studio was earthy. The walls were brick and wooden. It smelled of incense. Lots of people older than me stood around talking and drinking wine out of plastic cups. Someone rung a singing bowl, and everyone turned their attention towards Western Doughty as he began talking. Doughty was at […]

Singles Awareness Day: a rant

I have an ambivalent relationship with Singles Awareness Day. On one hand, we all know singles that never fail to brighten up our day. On the other hand, we all also know singles that we wish would just get over themselves. The real question is this: why do we need a special day dedicated to […]

TU harassment policy dangerously vague

In my four years at the University of Tulsa, I’ve seen four new buildings, a host of renovations and new academic programs. I’ve also seen the school respond to student sentiment and make changes due to SA recommendations. I’ve seen that TU administrators are willing to change TU for the better. We don’t want to […]

Asocial programmer trope harmful and untrue

We’ve all seen him in television and movies: that guy who’s a programmer and nothing else. The genius of superhuman talent that effortlessly solves difficult problems and who dedicates so much of himself to his field that he doesn’t have a life outside of programming. The image of the asocial programmer is the scourge of […]

“Publish or perish” leads to sketchy research

“Publish or perish,” or the pressure on academics to perpetually put out publishable research, has led to a number of phenomena that weaken the credibility of academic research, particularly scientific research. One result of “publish or perish” is the predatory open-access journal. These are non-peer-reviewed journals with distinguished-sounding names that will publish anything for a […]