Letters to the Editor

Re: SA springs to wrong idea for Springfest I agree with the author that the “new Springfest” idea could have used some more transparent student input with additional events throughout the week to include more students who cannot attend the concert. I’d also like to add that I don’t like the way SA is marketing […]

The group’s homage to Duke Ellington was rife with humor and good vibes. Courtesy Sheridan Road

“The Road to Ellington” honors the jazz legend

Duke Ellington’s legacy as a jazz master isn’t forgotten in Sheridan Road’s vocal performance, composed to the tune of some of his most famous tracks. Jazz, civil rights and composing were all a big part of the life of jazz juggernaut Duke Ellington. Exploring these themes in “The Road to Ellington,” Sheridan Road put together […]

The shimmer features the film’s only splashes of color, emphasizing its importance in the film as it sucks the life, and thus color, out of all the characters. Courtesy IMDB

“Annihilation” is mysterious, gorgeous

Alex Garland’s newest film improves upon the novel in most ways, but falls a tad short in that it holds the audience’s hand too much. “Nightmarish,” says Benedict Wong’s character, Lomax, in “Annihilation.” “Not always,” responds Natalie Portman’s character, Lena. “Sometimes it was beautiful.” “Annihilation,” Alex Garland’s recent two-hour film adaptation of the novel of […]

Courtesy Jennifer Burleson

Local high schools compete in TU math competition

TU’s second annual mathfest promoted outreach programs to high school students. Challenging math questions created by volunteers from the TU math department were posed to high school students at TU’s second annual Hurricane Mathfest on Saturday February, 17. The University of Tulsa Mathematical Association of American (MAA) chapter and the math department hosted the event, […]

232 prospective students attended the last Tulsa Time program. Graphic by Madeline Woods

It’s Tulsa Time for changes

Point/Counterpoint: Tulsa Time is disorganized and frustrating to prospective students, discouraging them from attending TU at all. Hordes of people swarmed TU campus for the Tulsa Time event on Monday, February 19. High school students, potential transfers and parents tramped around campus wearing badges and carrying maps with a confused look of wonder on their […]

Courtesy Tulsa Opera

Tulsa Opera proves its continued relevance

Tulsa Opera’s recent performance of “The Stars Align” proved entertaining even for those unfamiliar with opera but also demonstrated opera still has some tricks up its sleeve. Tulsa Opera’s recent performance of “The Stars Align” proved entertaining even for those unfamiliar with opera but also demonstrated opera still has some tricks up its sleeve. On […]

Men’s basketball escapes at the buzzer

Sterling Taplin had the best night of his career and led TU to another win and a season sweep of the UConn Huskies. The last time the men’s basketball team played the UConn Huskies, they barely survived a double-overtime thriller at home on the back of Corey Henderson, who hit clutch shot after clutch shot […]

Justin with his third-grade reading partner, Jayla. Photo by Lizzy Young

Alum Justin Harlan teaches to make a difference

TU Alum Justin Harlan discusses his work in Reading Partners and other teaching programs. Executive Director of Reading Partners and TU alum Justin Harlan exudes passion when he talks about his work. Originally from Kansas City, Harlan attended TU for his bachelor’s degree from 2004 to 2009. Involved in nonprofit work since graduating from TU, […]

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: As someone who was sexually harassed in the past, I know about the inner-pain that victims and survivors experience. But, as someone who spent five years as a counselor and a therapist working in the fields of alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health, I want to share my observations and research findings about […]