Statement regarding President Upham’s campus-wide email

This morning, President Steadman Upham sent an email to University of Tulsa students, faculty and staff. In that email, President Upham stated that the Collegian improperly assumed that Trey Barnett’s case was handled under the Student Code of Conduct, when it was actually handled under the Policy on Harassment. The Collegian stands by its reporting […]

TU suspended student without hearing, failed to present evidence to accused

Late last October, the University of Tulsa suspended George “Trey” Barnett on harassment charges. The case centered on three Facebook posts which either tagged Barnett or were posted to his page by another account. Christopher Mangum, now Barnett’s husband but at the time his fiance, claims in two sworn affidavits that he wrote the posts. […]

TU suggests Collegian investigation may result in disciplinary action against journalists

The Collegian’s Managing Editor Conor Fellin and I have been told that the university might bring disciplinary charges against us for certain aspects of the above story, “TU suspended student without hearing, failed to present evidence to the accused.” Since early in the semester, the Collegian has been investigating the suspension of George “Trey” Barnett. […]

Falling oil prices dry up petroleum internships

Recent drops in gas prices may have consumers smiling, but some TU petroleum engineering students are left without internships for this summer. Last June the price of a gallon of gasoline in Tulsa averaged about $3.50, but just six months later the price has been cut in two at around $1.75. Many oil companies are […]

Campus Crime Watch

Feb. 1 3:10 a.m. Officers were dispatched to the Kappa Sigma Fraternity House in reference to broken windows. Fraternity members saw windows in the Kappa Sigma House breaking and three males running from the scene and into the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity next door. Feb. 2 7:40 p.m. Officers were dispatched to Norman Village in […]

State of the State Address recap

Before beginning the policy substance of her speech, Governor Fallin held a moment of silence for state troopers Nicholas Dees and Keith Burch. Trooper Dees died on Jan. 31 after being struck by a car while investigating an accident on I-40. The same car put Trooper Burch in critical condition. Fallin stated that she is […]

Student Association charters new yo-yoing club

On Tuesday, Feb. 3, SA chartered the TU Throwers Club, a club focused on yo-yoing. Sophomore Thomas Littlejohn started the club with several of his friends, under the advisement of Computer Science Professor Mauricio Papa. The idea for TU Throwers began when Littlejohn didn’t see any throwing-related clubs on the list of current clubs. Littlejohn […]

New SA senators elected

Student Association’s senators run in either the fall or spring semester and serve a term of one year. Of the 34 total seats, 15 are open in the spring semester. Those seats are further divided into different constituencies. Six senators each represent one of TU’s different colleges. Residence halls, apartments and commuters are each two […]

Some seats remain open after SA elections

While there were 15 Student Association senate seats open this semester, only nine of them are now filled. Since no candidates ran for the other six seats, they will remain unfilled this semester. Next fall, it’s possible that some of the seats left empty will be filled through appointment by the Vice President. Some students […]

Eye on the World

IPT rules against British spy agency The British spy agency Government Communications Headquarters was censured for not revealing enough about how it shared information with the United States National Security Agency. The Investigatory Power Tribunal said that until December of last year, GCHQ contravened the law, but has since been compliant. This is the IPT’s […]