Things aren’t looking up. graphic by Emma Palmer

Megachurch pastor worries for Jesus’ pocketbook

Osteen is concerned congregation won’t empty their pockets for God. When Lakewood Church closed its doors to the public in mid-March amid growing concerns over COVID-19, it was anyone’s guess as to when the congregation could return to a physical service. Online streaming options replaced the in-person sermons, so Pastor Joel Osteen can still get […]

The two candidates emerged from Super Tuesday as the only two viable candidates. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Unification the name of the game for Sanders campaign

Endorsements from more than just progressives would add legitimacy to the grassroots effort. For most supporters of the Vermont independent, Super Tuesday was a disappointment. Bernie Sanders showed potential to all but secure the nomination, but last-minute exits from the race turning into endorsements for Joe Biden from both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar proved […]

Late deals traded dozens of players around the league. graphic by Emma Palmer

NBA trade deadline 2020: what went down this time

Student writer Zach Short covers all the last-minute wheeling and dealing in men’s pro basketball. Compared to the drama last summer, this year’s trade deadline week was relatively calm save for a few noteworthy moves. As is in tune with years past, teams moved around role players to assist their superstars as they head into […]

Australian Minister of Sports resigns

Student writer Zach Short details the politics and complicated implications of the Bridget McKenzie’s wrongdoings, and how they were dealt with. They say the brightest flames burn the quickest, and such seems to be the case with Australia’s newly-resigned senator Bridget McKenzie. The relatively young politician shot to prominence quickly in the Australian nationality crisis […]

Jeff Luhnow, A. J. Hinch and Alex Cora were all connected to the scandal. graphic by Emma Palmer

Everything about the Astros scandal

Student writer Zach Short details the scandal rocking the MLB, how it happened, whom it involves and what he thinks of the whole affair. What Happened In November, just after the Houston Astros lost to the Washington Nationals in the World Series, the professional baseball universe was upended when Oakland A’s pitcher Mike Fiers went […]

The best and worst Super Bowls

In honor of the recent Super Bowl, student writers Brett Tyndall and Zach Short chronologue and rank the highs and lows of NFL history. Top Five Super Bowls 5. Super Bowl XXIII San Francisco 49ers beat Cincinnati Bengals If for nothing else, this game holds a place in many people’s hearts solely because of the […]

Top 10 worst sports moments 2019

On the other side of things, sports writer Zach Short also covers the 10 worst happenings of the last calendar year, from the NCAA to European Soccer. 10. Competition dies in MLB (four 100-win teams, four 100-loss teams) To clarify, this is not in reference to the Houston Astros cheating scandal. The death of competition […]

The Golden Hurricane accepts their prize for winning the Mayor’s cup. photo by James Taylor

TU tops ORU, wins Mayor’s Cup

Basketball journalist Zach Short covers Tulsa’s victory, where outplaying the Eagles yielded the Golden Hurricane the honor of being city champions. It is still too early to say whether or not the Tulsa Men’s basketball crew will be a dominant power this season. What can be said, however, is that they played with an unmatched […]