Daryl Morey vs. China?

The Houston Rockets president posted a controversial tweet that rocked relations between the NBA and China. In what might have attracted less attention in other circles, Daryl Morey has started quite the ruckus for the NBA in voicing his opinion on the protests in Hong Kong, as the NBA has a vested interest in Chinese […]

The former presidential nominee is a Utah senator. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s feud with Romney possibly his first loss

Romney’s support and experience make Trump’s call for his impeachment risky. In the first corner, former governor of Massachusetts, former presidential candidate and current senator from the state of Utah, the challenger Mitt Romney. Standing opposite him, the Pennsylvania graduate with indeterminate SAT scores, with no prior political experience, the President of the United States […]

Average hourly wages have stagnated in the U.S. over the last four decades. courtesy Pew Research Center

Concerns arise as unemployment decreases

While many celebrate low unemployment, some economists worry about high poverty and low purchasing power in America. For anyone within earshot of television news over the last six months, it should be no surprise that the U.S. is boasting an incredibly low unemployment rate in 2019. In fact, it is at a 10-year low and […]

Trump drops 2020 presidential bid; Democrats rescind impeachment inquiry

Now that Trump’s no longer a threat, Democrats have dropped their investigation into him. In a shocking turn of events, President Donald Trump has decided to drop his bid for the presidency in 2020, and the Democrats have subsequently dropped their impeachment inquiry. This incredible development occurred not long after Nancy Pelosi announced that the […]

Zach predicts the Yankees and the Dodgers to duke it out for the championship, with the Dodgers emerging the victor. graphic by Emma Palmer

Zach’s spicy 2019 MLB playoff predictions

MLB expert Zach Short discusses what he thinks will happen in the 2019 Major League Baseball playoff, including his pick for the World Series champs. Wild Card Games AL: Tampa Bay Rays at Oakland Athletics Winner: I’m going to take the Rays in this one. I will admit, with all the hype over having a […]

Yang’s “Freedom Dividend” more radical than meets the eye

By giving $1,000 to each citizen, the plan would help fight multiple forms of inequality. Andrew Yang’s most radical plan has certainly gained him some attention, both good and bad, in the Democratic presidential primaries. For those who may be unfamiliar, he calls it the “Freedom Dividend” and has established very simple rules for how […]