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The NBA gives credit where it’s due

In a year where professional sports have perhaps become more politicized than ever, with NBA strikes, renewed anthem protests and a burgeoning of politicized social media presences to name just a few, it seems that many of both the proudest defenders and harshest critics of the new wave of activism have forgotten where much of […]

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Brady’s Decision Leaves NFL in an Uproar

Bad news for Brady: When Tom Brady announced his decision to leave the team that made him behind and head to Tampa Bay, the world of professional football and sports in general went into uproar. The 43-year-old seemed closer to retirement than to a fresh start, but perhaps he knew more than fans gave him […]

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The Academy outlines best picture requirements

In an effort to address long-endured criticisms of poor inclusivity, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (or more commonly, the Academy) has announced a plan to press diversity into movie sets of the future. This new initiative, announced and released in full text Sept. 8, consists of four new pillars of eligibility requirements […]

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Skepticism looms over upcoming TU football season

In a pandemic world, nothing remains sacred. As Karl Marx once said, “all that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned,” and it seems now that, despite Marx referencing the beast of industrialism as opposed to COVID-19, the shoe fits the virus’s uncanny ability to alter, postpone and outright cancel some […]

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Megachurch pastor worries for Jesus’ pocketbook

Osteen is concerned congregation won’t empty their pockets for God. When Lakewood Church closed its doors to the public in mid-March amid growing concerns over COVID-19, it was anyone’s guess as to when the congregation could return to a physical service. Online streaming options replaced the in-person sermons, so Pastor Joel Osteen can still get […]

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Unification the name of the game for Sanders campaign

Endorsements from more than just progressives would add legitimacy to the grassroots effort. For most supporters of the Vermont independent, Super Tuesday was a disappointment. Bernie Sanders showed potential to all but secure the nomination, but last-minute exits from the race turning into endorsements for Joe Biden from both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar proved […]

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NBA trade deadline 2020: what went down this time

Student writer Zach Short covers all the last-minute wheeling and dealing in men’s pro basketball. Compared to the drama last summer, this year’s trade deadline week was relatively calm save for a few noteworthy moves. As is in tune with years past, teams moved around role players to assist their superstars as they head into […]