Eilish released “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” with her brother, Finneas. courtesy Interscope Records

Billie Eilish takes home all four major Grammy Awards

At only 18 years old, Billie Eilish became the youngest person and the first woman to achieve this.

At the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards red carpet, the event before the actual Grammys start, Billie Eilish distinguished herself from other artists with her neon green roots and the luxe spin on her gender-neutral and baggy style. Billie and her stylist Samantha Burkhart collaborated and came up with a customized fit by Gucci, black and green matching bowling and jogger pants with Gucci’s GG logo encrusted with crystals. With this outfit she had a green turtleneck blouse and fingerless gloves complete with slime green nails, also with the GG logo, metallic green Flashtrek sneakers, mismatched earrings and a facemask.

Billie is not only recognized for her unique sense of fashion, but also for her extremely successful debut album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Billie Eilish has had one of the most successful years in music with this album debuting at number one on The Billboard Top 200 and countless other charts worldwide.

With all these accolades, it came as no surprise that on the red carpet she would find out her brother, Finneas, received his first Grammy of the night for producing her album. The winning wouldn’t stop at the red carpet, however. When the show started, Billie and her brother would go on to win more awards.
Billie Eilish then went on to be the youngest person to perform at the Grammys. For the Album of the Year award, Billie Eilish was nominated along other powerful forces in music: Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Despite this pool of prominent musicians, Billie came out victorious as the Album of the Year recipient. Along with Album of the Year, she also went home with a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album, secured Song of the Year and Record of the Year for her lead single “Bad Guy,” and won Best New Artist.

By winning AotY, SotY, RotY and Best New Artist, Billie Eilish made history by being the first woman to secure the “Top Four” awards at the Grammys — at the young age of 18 with an album she and Finneas produced and released when she was only 17.
Even after securing this award and breaking records, she said multiple times that she felt like she didn’t deserve the award. She could be seen mouthing “Please don’t be me” on the screen just before the announcer listed the winner for Album of the Year.

“Can I just say that Ariana Grande deserves this?” were her first words after receiving the award and the camera panned to Ariana Grande, shaking her head and blowing kisses toward Billie Eilish.

After accepting the award, she did something that other artists that night hadn’t. In her speech she thanked not only her fans but all fans. Eilish stated that without them, none of the artists would be at the Grammys that night. Billie Eilish’s humble words are something that makes her craft and her passion for music so evident. This is only the beginning of her record-breaking career.

Post Author: Nora Bethune