Bleacher Creature

Loser Sooner
And that is why I had no problem with Baker Mayfield sticking OU’s flag in the middle of Ohio State’s field. On Saturday, after Iowa State’s stunning upset of undefeated, number three ranked Oklahoma, they rammed their own flag into the Sooners’ grass at midfield with the ferocity of a Rob Gronkowski touchdown spike and it was freaking awesome! We could talk about how pathetic it is that OU’s defense folded against a team quarterbacked by a former community college backup or what it means for the school’s playoff chances that they already lost (to a 2-2 team no less) before getting to their stacked end-of-season schedule. But instead let’s just focus on the incredible DISRESPEK of this action. It’s just so wonderful, we need more tea like this.

Breaking News: Women Like Sports Too
Soooo, Cam Newton is a sexist asshole? During a press conference last week, the Panthers quarterback sniggered at Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrigue when she asked about the route-running ability of his teammate Devin Funchess. “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes,” was his only response. Um, excuse me? Cam later issued the typical substandard apology that his PR department forced him into but the damage was done, his comment was enough to reveal his true feelings. Look, I don’t know anything about Rodrigue. She could very well be a crappy football reporter for all I know. But even if she is, it’s absolutely not because she happens to be a woman. This is one of the last areas of social acceptable sexism that I see everywhere, men feeling that it’s somehow okay to summarily suggest that women must not know anything about sports by dint of being women. You know who’s an amazing analyst? Doris Burke! You know who’s one of the worst in the business? Skip Bayless! Wow, it’s almost like a person’s genitalia doesn’t have anything to do with their ability to analyze a sport.

Too-Late Baseball Predictions
I hate those guys. You know, the ones who make predictions after the thing that they are supposed to be predicting has already started. In unrelated news, I know you’re dying to hear my thoughts on the MLB playoffs. I would love to be ballsy enough to say that the Yankees will come back from their 2-0 series deficit to topple the Indians but a man can only be so brave. Besides, they may have gotten swept by the time this thing is published anyway. If it does end up being Indians-Astros, I’m taking the tribe. With Trevor Bauer dealing, this might be the best starting rotation in the league. At least the best after the Nationals, who trot out Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez. Speaking of which, I cannot believe the Cubs are going to beat the Nats. I mean jeez, can’t they be satisfied with their one World Series win? Never fear, I’m sure the Dodgers will come out ahead when Clayton Kershaw finally sheds his reputation of postseason choker. Before regaining it when Corey Kluber beats him head-to-head to clinch the World Series for the Indians and sparks an offseason of ridiculous debates as to who is the better pitcher. Fin.

Post Author: Justin Guglielmetti