Boone: One-hit wonder?

Benson Boone’s newest album is set to release early April.

The 21-year-old pop singer-songwriter released his newest song “Slow It Down” on March 21 along with an announcement for his next album “Fireworks & Rollerblades” set to release April 5.

Benson Boone originally started his career as a contestant on American Idol after shocking judges with his voice at 18 years old. Although it was said he could have won the competition, Boone dropped out to focus on his music without the world stating that he only made it from being on American Idol.

Boone took to social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok to promote his work. The audio clip from his single “Ghost Town” became very popular on TikTok, setting him up for a successful music career. When his single “Ghost Town” was released in 2021, Boone continued to write more songs and release small clips to get fans begging for the full song.

In the following year, Boone released three more singles and one album, all capturing the attention of many listeners and growing in fame. Boone’s music is made up of emotional lyrics surrounding the different sides of romance, from the early stages to falling in love and even heartbreaks. The feelings of love and loss are expressed through the heartfelt lyrics and the catchy rhythms.

Boone is known for hinting at a new song shortly after his latest release or even right before. During the build-up to the release of his single “Beautiful Things,” he released a TikTok audio of another song he was writing. This instantly had fans begging for more and almost forgetting his newest song coming out in the next few days.

The single “Beautiful Things” was released on Jan. 18 and quickly became Boone’s most streamed song currently sitting at over 430,000 streams on spotify. Throughout the week building up to the release of the song, Boone had dropped the hint for his newest release, “Slow It Down.”

Fans all over the world were excited to hear the rest of the song and what relatable message Boone would bring to the table next. “Slow It Down” has become another popular hit by Boone, with lyrics pointing to thoughts racing wild in young love. The main message is to stay in the moment not letting worries of the future drown you and your love story.

With the release of this song, fans were curious about the lack of another song clip to hint at yet another song Boone has been working on. Shockingly, he announced his newest album “Fireworks & Rollerblades” set for April 5. The album will include 15 songs including his popular songs “Ghost Town,” “In The Stars,” “Beautiful Things” and “Slow It Down.” All released content from Benson Boone can be found on all music streaming platforms.

Post Author: Isabella Herrera