BREAKING: Student votes in SA Senate election

In an as-of-yet unconfirmed report, sources say that Jennifer Valdez, a freshman accounting major, cast a vote in the most recent SA Senate election. The election, which determines who represents the student body and decides on important decisions such as funding for organizations across campus, is largely ignored by students.

“I’m honestly shocked,” an anonymous source within SA told The Collegian. “As far as I can tell, [Valdez] isn’t a senator herself, didn’t vote as a joke, and had read the bios of candidates before showing up at the polling booth. It’s something we’ve never seen before.”

Experts are speculating if Valdez’s unprecedented move represents the action of a single maverick, or if it foretells of a new trend of students beginning to care about their student government. Either way, the events that played out today cannot be overlooked, and will likely be remembered for decades to come.

Of the three senate seats Valdez could vote for, one was uncontested. She was reportedly “displeased” with the lack of choice, according to a bystander. No one dared to inform her that last year, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer positions were all uncontested. Even this significant improvement is apparently not enough to satisfy her.

In an equally shocking event, Valdez could not be reached for comment, as she was actually attending her 8:00 AM class.

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