Candidate Profile: Carly Fiorina

In third place behind Ben Carson and Donald Trump, according to some polls, Carly Fiorina has emerged as an interesting dark horse. Fiorina, the first female Chief Executive Officer of a Fortune 20 company, has taken conservative-to-moderate stances on many of today’s major issues.

Fiorina is best known for being the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard from 1999 to 2005, when she was forced to resign. Her colleagues cited underwhelming stock value, earnings and overall performance of the company. During her time as CEO, Fiorina also oversaw the Company’s merger with Compaq, one of the largest mergers of its kind.

Although never having held office, she has worked with political campaigns numerous times. In 2008, she served as the fundraising chair on the “Victory Initiative” of the Republican National Committee, and was active in John McCain’s presidential campaign. She also ran for senate in California in 2010, but lost in the general election.

Fiorina has a conservative stance on most issues. She is against abortion with the exception of cases of incest, rape, or when the pregnancy may endanger the mother.

She spoke against Obergefell v. Hodges, claiming the issue of gay marriage should be left to states. She also believes that minimum wage is an issue for states to decide.

Fiorina has acknowledged the existence of climate change, but has also publicly doubted the ability of the government to change its course.

Fiorina is in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood, and in August urged Congressional Republicans to shut down the federal government to achieve this goal.

She has gained in the primary race, largely because of her performance in the televised debates, particularly September 16’s debate, which saw her confront Donald Trump’s statements about her physical attractiveness.

Fiorina is currently polling at 10.4 percent.

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