Adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage has never again reached the heights it did in 1968. courtesy Statista

A $15 minimum wage is necessary to respond to COVID

As he begins his presidential tenure, Joe Biden’s main focus is helping Americans through the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. One of the ways Biden has begun this process is by increasing the minimum hourly wage for federal contractors to $15. Biden has also expressed support for increasing the national minimum wage to this amount for all […]

The insurrection on the Capitol occured on Jan. 6, 2021. courtesy Anuska Sampedro/ Creative Commons

Insurrection at the Capitol shows the Alt-right isn’t alright

On Jan. 6, 2020, an inexcusable attack was made on the principles of American Democracy by the supporters of the 45th President of the United States. The U.S. Capitol was last breached in 1812, but that changed on the sixth as an estimated minimum of 1,000 fervent insurrections broke into the Capitol. Some even held […]

Nisour Square in 2010, with a memorial on the left. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s pardons of Blackwater mercenaries reveal unaccountability

Trump’s lame duck period was surprisingly calm policy-wise, with no large disruptions to the status quo of his administration. The now-ousted president did, however, unleash a series of final pardons for various Americans. Much of the news coverage around these pardons have focused on figures close to the Trump administration like Roger Stone and Stephen […]

Trump presented no real shift to Republican Party — it will not change after him.

The coming four years present an interesting situation for the Republican Party. Trump will no longer hold power as president, but the Republicans will likely still have control of the Senate and will certainly have implicit control of the Supreme Court. Many are wondering if the Republicans’ strategy will return to a pre-Trump form with […]

Democrats will never sweep an election without deep perspective change.

Not all votes have been counted as I write this, but it looks like Joe Biden will be elected the next president of the United States. This result came after days of tense ballot-counting in some of the same swing states that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. Joe Biden’s victory is a good thing, but […]

Media and big tech’s reaction to New York Post story play into right-wing narrative

On Oct. 14, the New York Post published a story leaking information about Hunter Biden’s job in Ukraine at Burisma, an energy firm. During Hunter Biden’s time at Burisma, an advisor to the board allegedly sent him an email asking how Hunter Biden could “use [his] influence” in regards to helping the company in its […]

Labour’s suspension of Corbyn a cynical attack on the left wing

On Oct. 29, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission published a report in the UK about the problem of antisemitism in the Labour Party. Former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn agreed to implement the measures recommended by the report to fix the issue. However, Corbyn also claimed the scale of the problem was “overstated for […]

Courtesy of Flickr

Nancy Pelosi needs to take Republicans’ Relief Deal

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has thrown America into its deepest economic crisis since the Great Depression. In times like these, people look to the government for assistance. The last bill passed to aid people during the pandemic was five months ago in May. Congress is currently debating possibilities for another relief package, and Treasury Secretary […]

Courtesy of Time Mag.

There is no such thing as an “apolitical” Supreme Court Justice

Last week saw the first Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Among the speeches given, a common theme kept reappearing from the Republicans who spoke. Republican Senator John Cornyn claimed the role of the Supreme Court was not to be “policy makers.” Senator Ben Sasse pedantically offered a lesson in “eighth […]

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Harris unable to stop Pence’s dodging and redirecting

Last Wednesday’s debate sure was different from the one a week before. Incumbent Vice President Mike Pence went head-to-head with Joe Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris. Unlike the presidential debate a week ago, the vice-presidential debate featured coherent arguments from knowledgeable and skilled politicians. Pence showed great skill in debating from an admittedly sub-optimal […]