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Decals decrying opioids well-intended, falls short

Stickers on Oklahoma and Oklahoma State Universities’ helmets that said “stop opioids” are a timely gesture that affected little lasting change. During last Saturday’s annual Bedlam game between OU and OSU, players on both teams wore decals that read “STOP OPIOIDS” on their helmets. Earlier this year, Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter said 2,684 Oklahoman […]

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School funding proposal lacks financial feasibility

Mayor G. T. Bynum unveiled an initiative for education that would help reinvigorate school funding but would struggle to succeed in light of Oklahoma’s budget woes. In his first State of the City address, Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum laid out a series of initiatives that will attempt to fix the problems of Tulsa as well […]

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TU’s Russian Studies dishearteningly deteriorates

Russian studies are still relevant in today’s world, and students continue to show interest, yet TU has failed to give the department the resources it needs. TU’s Russian Studies degree program has humble beginnings. In 1979, history professor Dr. Joseph Bradley moved here from Harvard. Students in his classes showed interest in TU gaining a […]

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@RealPressSecBot delivers innovative Trump coverage

A Twitter account that formats Trump tweets as press releases gives a new perspective to Trump’s presidency in 140 characters or less. My policy for this newspaper is that we try to only write commentary articles that are local and timely. After all we are a student newspaper, so we should focus our attention on […]

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Advocacy journalism neglects objectivity

Reporters who couch their advocacy in their articles without acknowledging their bias make news less reliable and more subjective. The term “advocacy journalism” should read like an oxymoron. Journalism, I am often told, should strive for objectivity; it should be the journalist’s ultimate goal to distance their own subjective opinion from their work until its […]