Israel storm al-Aqsa mosque, injuring 158

Conflict between Israel and Palestine has been steadily increasing over the past few weeks Almost two weeks ago, Israeli police stormed al-Aqsa mosque, wounding 158 Palestinian worshippers. The violence continued into this past week, with Israeli soldiers showing excessive force by firing rubber bullets and tear gas at worshippers, who threw stones and launched rockets […]

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, contemplating suicide or is in need of a professional, please contact the above resources for assistance or more information. Graphic by Amy Polovich

COVID intensifies youth mental healthcare inequity

The COVID-19 pandemic has put more strain on an already fragile healthcare system. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, I have spiraled in various ways. Granted, I have faced some issues with my mental health before the pandemic, but the ones that happened after March 2020 seem especially vicious and debilitating. At the beginning of the […]

A&S double-major reflects on witnessed protests

As current students protested True Commitment, potential students began to worry. Margaret Laprarie shares her experience. Picture this: You’re a scared high school senior visiting the college you plan to attend in the fall. You’re not entirely sure what you want to study, but considering a few options; all of them are in the arts […]

All students pay a $75 fee per semester to fund Student Association. courtesy

SA philanthropy funding needs accountability

Discussions over a recent bill highlight exclusivity and a lack of oversight on SA charity events. Student Association (SA) has driven itself into a deep discussion over a proposed bill and amendment that would impact funding for campus events. Instead of continuing with the current system that offers philanthropic event organizers a total of $3,000 […]

This was the last tour that Robot House gave to Michael O'Keefe's students back in 2021. As a result of his firing, they have severed all ties with Oklahoma Christian University. courtesy @Brianwinkeler on Twitter

Tenured faculty fired over gay guest speaker

Oklahoma Christian University is not teaching students the importance of inclusivity and diversity. Oklahoma Christian University allegedly fired a tenured professor for inviting an openly gay guest speaker to his class. This absurdity has received serious backlash for censorship of free speech and overt homophobia. Michael O’Keefe taught graphic design for 41 years at the […]

Rejecting the proposition required several Republicans to vote against the bill. courtesy

Vouchers bill defeat a win for education

Funding unaccountable private institutions would be detrimental to Oklahoma public schools. Last Wednesday, March 23, the Oklahoma Senate failed to pass Senate Bill 1647, titled the “Oklahoma Empowerment Act.” The bill would have given qualifying Oklahoma students the ability to opt out of public school enrollment and instead receive funds to spend on education-related expenses. […]

There has already been a push for petroleum industry growth to combat reliance on the cartel OPEC, and an independence from Russia's supply could further independence in other countries as well. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Keystone pipeline could allow oil independence

The U.S. can’t support Ukraine and still rely on Russian oil. The Russo-Ukrainian war has once again brought with it a new aspect that government officials all over the world must wrestle with, and for President Biden, the decision is larger than most. Russia is the third-largest oil-producing country in the world, and the US […]

The conflict in Myanmar is the longest ongoing civil war in history,with the insurgencies beginning in 1948, when the country was still known as Burma. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Myanmar eliminates uprising rebel groups

Myanmar takes advantage of the Russia/ Ukraine conflict to secure their dictatorship. With Ukraine currently occupying international headlines and minds across the globe, the military junta in Myanmar has taken the opportunity to crack down on rebel groups opposing the cruel dictatorship. Although the Russo-Ukrainian war deserves global attention, it is not the only major […]

Rogan has had an extensive career in other media before his controversial podcast, including as a UFC commentator, game show host and a star on a popular sitcom. courtesy the Joe Rogan Experience

Nobody needs the Joe Rogan experience

Rogan’s guests frequently spread dangerous misinformation and the host regularly fails to temper pseudoscience with facts. Various artists have pulled their music from Spotify in retaliation to COVID-19 misinformation and racist remarks made by the famous podcaster Joe Rogan. The Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator has issued apologies and removed many controversial episodes of his podcast […]

Candida Manion was executive director Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault from June 2014 until February 2021. courtesy @CevCoSheriff on Twitter

Candida Manion misused funds meant for abuse victims

A recent audit revealed that money for victims was used for wining and dining instead The employees of the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault work hard to provide victim services to those who need it. Except Candida Manion, who decided to go wine tasting instead of doing her actual job. Under Manion’s […]