Studying the humanities is often represented as a poor financial decision, and has seen a general dip in popularity over the last decade. graphic by Conner Maggio

Humanities majors at crossroads under Trump administration

Statisticians have long predicted the decline of the humanities, but the field has seen a recent resurgence. For decades, the warning bell has rung: scholars have proclaimed that the humanities are endangered. In 1964, J. H. Plumb’s “Crisis in the Humanities” volume warned that a science-centered world would leave no room for artistic expression. The […]

Civic engagement can take many different forms. graphic by Emma Palmer

How to stay civically engaged after elections

Though the midterm elections are over, you can still remain politically active through community interaction. It’s been a week since the midterm elections swept through the U.S., followed by some wins and losses. You did your part and voted, posted a selfie to prove it and now it’s time to throw in the towel until […]

Jeff Sessions arriving at President Trump’s inauguration. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Parallels between Russia investigation and Nixon’s crimes

Trump firing his attorney general is a reminder of Nixon’s impeachment, yet Trump’s administration is more competent. Tuesday’s midterms have held the nation’s attention for month now, and rightly so. The midterms presented Democrats with a chance to congressionally check an out-of-control president and protect the investigation into that president’s contacts and possible cooperation with […]

Merkel has previously worked with the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations, despite their disparate political ideologies. courtesy Obama White House Archives

Merkel stepping down a threat to democracy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s political apathy has caused the German government to fall into Trump-like populism. Recent electoral losses for her coalition over this past month in Hesse and Bavaria have caused Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany for 13 years, to step down in 2021 and resign as party leader next month. The move surprises […]

The rejected carbon tax would have increased the price of gasoline for consumers, though the tax would have been placed on gasoline suppliers. courtesy Flickr

Carbon tax viable option to improve environment

The implementation of a carbon tax could provide a financial launchpad for renewable energy. The concept of a carbon tax is one of the new policies that members of state governments are putting forward to promote the growth of renewable energy resources. For those unaware, a carbon tax is a tax on the amount of […]

Reducing beef consumption habits on a large scale directly affects greenhouse gas emissions. courtesy World Resources Institute

Vegetarianism best argued using environmentalism

Though popularly championed as an emotional issue, vegetarianism is increasingly tied to sustainability The most well-known argument for vegetarianism is the ethical problem of eating another living being. However, that is not the sole reason people should lean towards vegetarianism. Frankly, to most people it is an unconvincing argument, which is completely fair. It often […]

Quick tips for surviving the holidays with your family

Heading home for the holidays isn’t always idyllic. While trying to avoid conflict this season, consider these tips and tricks. The Millennial generation is not the first to clash with their elders. It happened with the Roaring ‘20s and the beat generation in the 1960s as well. Thanksgiving and Christmas are not always a Norman […]

Social media creates unique opportunities for political action

Snapchat registering over 400,000 people is emblematic of social media’s ability to mobilize and politicize users. Snapchat has more to offer its users than funny filters or face swaps. During the weeks leading up to the 2018 midterms, the app encouraged its users to begin their voting registration process via Turbovote. It took only two […]

Anti-vaxxer movement rooted in ableism and ignorance

The increased number of unvaccinated public and private school children in Oklahoma puts herd immunity at risk. Anti-vaxxers. We know ‘em, we have varying different feelings about them, but they’re in our lives. They’re also wrong. For those who somehow don’t know about the anti-vaccination movement that has swept through America in the past decade […]

Crossing the U.S.-Mexico border will prove difficult for the refugees. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Anxiety over immigrant caravan result of partisan xenophobia

President Trump’s reaction to the 6,000 people heading to the U.S.-Mexico border highlights the racial bias influencing his politics. The midterm elections are only a few days away, and people have wondered if an October surprise, a crazy political happening in the last few days of an election cycle, is even possible in 2018. Our […]