Letter to the Editor: Dr. Kristen Oertel

The following is a letter to the editor from Dr. Kristen Oertel in the history department at the Henry Kendall College of Arts and Sciences. Letters to the editor must be fewer than 500 words and can be sent to tucollegian@tucollegian.org. Under no circumstances will anonymous letters be published. The name of the person submitting […]

Bevin drags feet before admitting he lost Kentucky race

The governor conceded nine days later in a blow for the GOP and the president. On Nov. 14, incumbent Kentucky governor Matt Bevin finally conceded the Kentucky governor’s race. This is a full nine days after his opponent Andy Beshear claimed victory on election night. Why the difference? Bevin was not willing to admit defeat […]

Ousting of Morales an anti-democratic coup

An allegation from a right-wing watchdog helped legitimize the overthrow of the socialist ruler. On Oct. 20, Bolivia held its general election. The key element of this election was selecting the country’s next president. Evo Morales, the incumbent, is a wildly popular indigenous man whose socialist policies have slashed poverty rates and supported Bolivia’s large […]

Xianjiang’s distance from the coast has made integrating difficult. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Chinese government has tried to destroy Uighur culture

By forcing the Uighurs into internment camps, the government has begun an ethnic cleansing. If you thought Western neocolonialism was bad, wait ‘til you get a load of Chinese neocolonialism. In China’s western provinces, and especially in Tibet and Xinjiang, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is engaged in ethnic cleansing. As of May 2019, the […]

Thanksgiving’s history should be talked about

A panel discussion hosted by Philbrook put the whitewashing of the holiday into context. What is the true history behind Thanksgiving, and are we really celebrating genocide and theft of land from native people every November? A panel discussion hosted by Bracken Klar of the Tri City Collective and featuring commentary from Appollonia Piña and […]

The first day of hearings showed how much controversy one hearing can cause. courtesy PBS

Televised impeachment hearings make for a spectacle

Making these hearings more accessible is the right thing to do despite the drawbacks. I’m not going to bother devoting much time to the actual content of the impeachment hearings, because it’s basically just red politicians versus blue politicians, and the ultimate outcome is already set in stone if you ask me. (The House will […]

Bloomberg’s wealth makes his claims ring hollow. courtesy Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Bloomberg’s potential candidacy a result of leading progressives

Sanders’s and Warren’s tax plans have put many billionaires on edge about the Democratic primary. If you haven’t heard yet, Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire and former mayor of New York City, is once again considering a presidential run. He has toyed with the idea before, but the general consensus appears that he may actually be […]

“OK Boomer” a justified joke for a pitiful generation

Boomers have labeled younger generations many times themselves. Generation Z has started a war against the Boomers with the phrase “OK boomer.” Many people of the now older generation take offense to this phrase, with some going so far to claim it’s a slur. But when the older generations have called us actually harmful terms […]

Critics of the bill claim it is a further loosening of gun restrictions. courtesy Flickr

Permitless carry bill unlikely to affect gun related crime rates

Though supporters and critics of the law have labeled it the end all of gun laws, that simply isn’t true. Oklahoma House Bill 2597, which was passed in February and went into effect recently, legalizes permitless carry (also known as constitutional carry) of firearms for anyone who is allowed to own a firearm. To some, […]

The older memorials acted as symbols of the racism still present in America. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

New Emmett Till memorial doesn’t solve the problems that made it necessary

Students have protested the lack of action by lawmakers regarding white supremacists. Emmett Louis Till was only 14 years old when he was lynched by a group of men after a white woman accused him of flirting with her in the store. After the group murdered him, they dumped his body in a river, and, […]