“OK Boomer” a justified joke for a pitiful generation

Boomers have labeled younger generations many times themselves. Generation Z has started a war against the Boomers with the phrase “OK boomer.” Many people of the now older generation take offense to this phrase, with some going so far to claim it’s a slur. But when the older generations have called us actually harmful terms […]

Critics of the bill claim it is a further loosening of gun restrictions. courtesy Flickr

Permitless carry bill unlikely to affect gun related crime rates

Though supporters and critics of the law have labeled it the end all of gun laws, that simply isn’t true. Oklahoma House Bill 2597, which was passed in February and went into effect recently, legalizes permitless carry (also known as constitutional carry) of firearms for anyone who is allowed to own a firearm. To some, […]

The older memorials acted as symbols of the racism still present in America. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

New Emmett Till memorial doesn’t solve the problems that made it necessary

Students have protested the lack of action by lawmakers regarding white supremacists. Emmett Louis Till was only 14 years old when he was lynched by a group of men after a white woman accused him of flirting with her in the store. After the group murdered him, they dumped his body in a river, and, […]

New York subway fare enforcement punitive and concerning

The measures taken by Gov. Cuomo will disproportionately hurt racial minorities in the city. On Oct. 25, a swarm of police officers pointed their guns on a black man sitting on a train full of civilians. The police officers then swarmed in and forcefully pushed him to the ground, arresting him. Another video showed a […]

Global protests show a world in rebellion

Though these protests vary in cause, they all seek to bring about change in drastic ways. Here in the United States, not all that much is happening in regard to conflict and change. A few climate protests, a visit from Greta Thunberg and some more booing of Trump have been things we’ve seen in the […]

Boomer jokes a result of a world full of problems

Few generations had it as good as the boomers. Well, this is probably the closest I can get to a satire article in the commentary section. With each of these articles, I always try to go and look through other pieces of information, following what carries my interest and letting my mind wander in the […]

O’Rourke could end up being appointed by a future Democrat president. courtesy Flickr

O’Rourke’s campaign over, will remain influential

Critics are labeling O’Rourke’s early exit a failure, but this misses an important point. On Friday, Beto O’Rourke’s ill-fated bid at the Democratic nomination for President came to an end. This news came just before the former Congressman was scheduled to speak at an event in Iowa. Though many have already described O’Rourke’s run as […]

Trump has yet to formally replace Nielsen as DHS Secretary. courtesy Wikipedia

Accumulation of executive branch vacancies bad for stability

The unruliness of this administration leaves it open for more dangerous mistakes. If you were the top level politician in an ostensibly democratic nation, would you prefer a bureaucratic workforce that focuses on security or flexibility? Do you hire the most qualified, patient person or the hotshot that will take the job? Do you create […]

Chances of a no-deal Brexit only increase after EU extension

With another parliamentary election coming in December, Johnson could get the numbers he needs. Brexit has been delayed, again. The initial vote for the U.K. to leave the EU was in June 2016, three-and-a-half years ago, and the actual act of leaving has been delayed three times now. This is, by nature, a polarizing issue […]