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Special Session budget bill roll-call

The 2017 Special Session began September 25, after the Oklahoma Supreme Court invalidated a cigarette fee in August. The ruling left a $215 million hole in the state budget. With the exception of a one week delay in which the state capitol building was under repairs, state senators and representatives have been meeting in Oklahoma […]

Trump’s executive order on immigration affects students

Of all the controversial executive orders made in the last few weeks, one in particular ,titled “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States” has caused significant rife in Washington, DC and garnered an emotional response from international students on campus. The content of the order was not particularly shocking considering that […]

Panel educates students on meaning of hijab across cultures

TU students came this together this week in a show of solidarity and compassion to celebrate World Hijab Day, an annual event that has only become more important in light of the president’s recent ban on immigration. The Malaysian Student Association, partnered with the Association of International Students and Student Association, sponsored a hijab styling […]