TU consolidates residents to apartments

TU faces backlash amidst housing consolidation. Before spring break, students were notified that all dorm spaces would be allocated for incoming freshmen for the upcoming academic year. Campus Services emailed current students on March 15 to notify them of the change in housing policy. The email stated that TU would “need all students to fill […]

SGA president ousted

Divisive Judicial Council decision splits student body. Co-authored by Adam Porterie and Shelby Hiens Last week, Student Government Association’s Judicial Council ruled that Tasfia Hasin and Athan Lau violated the judicial right to confidentiality in contempt of the judicial court. As a result of this ruling, per SGA Constitution Article IV, both Hasin and Lau […]

Letter to TU

To The University of Tulsa, The month of February has been a hard month for a lot of students, getting ready for midterms, setting up schedules for next semester, etc. However, for many other students, their level of stress rose when President Brad Carson decided to submit a letter, without the approval of Marcom, to […]

Campus incident leaves students in the dark

Student Union has prolonged closure over threatening messages. The University of Tulsa was put on high alert after a threat was made against campus. At 4:07 p.m. on Friday, students and staff received a message stating, “ACSU is being evacuated. An emergency situation has been reported; authorities are investigating. Stay away from the area.” The […]

TimelyCare: From skepticism to self care

It is exactly the type of resource this university should be investing in. When The University of Tulsa first introduced the new mental health resource calledTimelyCare, I was skeptical of its benefits and impact on the campus. I initially believed this healthcare app was a cheap bandaid to fix or cover up the current deterioration […]

Carson condemns antisemitism

Student harassment will be severely punished. Students were bewildered to receive a university announcement via email on Thursday on behalf of President Brad Carson. The email was sent to address an Instagram message that a TU student received, which was described as “antisemitic in intent and language” as well as “threatening.” The Collegian reached out […]

Missing campus rock art

Students sound the alarm over the abrupt end of a cheerful tradition. Have you ever taken a stroll around The University of Tulsa’s campus after an intense study session or a difficult day and spotted a small, colorfully painted rock with a motivational phrase? If you only recently joined TU, then it is unlikely that […]

The parking predicament

Navigating the fine line between order and absurdity. We have all been in a GroupMe chat with wonderful students who go out of their way to warn the majority of these ticketing frenzies. For many college students, navigating the winding and bumpy campus parking lots can be as frustrating as deciphering some professor’s homework assignments. […]

SGA elections kick off

Two tightly contested races find their way to the ballot. Student Government Association elections are ramping up. The elections this year feature contested races for the presidential office and secretarial honors. The candidates for the presidential position are Michael Combs and Tasfia Hasin. The candidate for vice president is Sophia Zoellner. The candidates for secretary […]

A closer look at accessibility on campus

TU needs to do more to support those with disabilities on campus. While accessibility is not a concern for the majority of people, it holds significant importance for many individuals, creating serious impacts on their lives. The most common types of accessibility examples are handicapped parking spaces and wheelchair ramps; however, there is a wide […]