OK & NE sue CO over marijuana on doobie-us

Last month, Scott Pruitt and Jon Bruning, respective attorneys general of Oklahoma and Nebraska, filed a lawsuit against Colorado because of that state’s legalization of marijuana in 2012. Their claim is that the legalization creates a public nuisance in that it has a spillover effect on bordering states. For example, bordering states are having to […]

CIA Torture Report reveals disturbing, ineffective practices

Ineffective tortue, lying to government oversight, hacking the Senate Intelligence Committee’s computers, destroying evidence, imprisoning innocent people, providing false evidence in support of the Iraq war—the CIA has really done nothing right in regard to its torture program. The CIA has used waterboarding, anal forced feeding and keeping prisoners awake for over 180 hours (one […]

TU opts out of EMSAcare program

A few days before the start of the semester, residents of TU’s apartments received an email announcing that the university has opted out of Oklahoma’s EMSAcare program. EMSAcare is a state-wide program wherein an addition of $5.45 is charged to the city’s monthly utility bill to make any EMSA services free to the user. All […]

OK proposes hoodie ban

With the new year comes new legislation. One of the proposed bills in the Oklahoma State Legislature raised quite a few eyebrows across the country. Republican State Senator Don Barrington is proposing a bill that would make illegal the wearing of any hood or covering that would conceal one’s identity. Barrington claims to be “(making) […]

With DACA, fewer Oklahomans fear deportation

In a high school auditorium off of 11th and Highway 169 in East Tulsa, several dozen people listened intently as an attorney, speaking through a Spanish translator, outlined the U.S. immigration system. Once the speaker reached the subject of President Obama’s most recent immigration executive action, hands shot up across the room. The community had […]

New organization to raise funds for school in Ghana

Pencils for Promise is a new organization at TU, founded by senior Gabriella Pierce. Through this organization, Pierce hopes to raise 25,000 dollars to build a school in Ghana. Pierce’s interest in this organization began after studying abroad in Ghana the summer of 2013, where she did a service project “at a primary school, which […]

A journey outside of Tulsa: Sand Springs

The city of Tulsa is pretty spread-out. We have neighborhoods like Kendall-Whittier and the Cherry Street area that were once suburbs, and then we have former suburbs, such as Bixby, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs and Owasso, that have become their own cities. Sand Springs is one of the older suburban towns surrounding Tulsa, which lies […]