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Pandora Papers implicates hundreds in tax evasion By: Sarah Harris The Pandora Papers is a leak of almost 12 million documents that reveals hidden wealth, tax avoidance and money laundering by some of the world’s rich and powerful. How do they hide their money, and why is this information important? For some background information, the […]

Sigma Nu is currently under investigation following the allegations. photo by Anna Johns

Petition circulates following alleged drink drugging at Sigma Nu

Earlier this week, junior Gillian McPhail created a petition titled: “Sigma Nu should not be allowed to have parties or other Greek functions.” Within the first day of its creation, the petition amassed over 400 signatures; 470 people have signed as of publishing. In its description, the petition explains that on Sept. 25, Sigma Nu […]

Lankford is the junior senator for Oklahoma. courtesy wikimedia commons

Senator James Lankford delivers remarks to TU students

The congressman talked about Senate and current political events then fielded questions from students attending. On Thursday, Oct. 14, Oklahoma Senator James Lankford delivered a short speech and answered students’ questions. TU College Republicans hosted the event. Lankford was first elected to the House in 2010 after spending 15 years as a youth pastor. After […]

Police sketch artists drew this image in 1969 from multiple eyewitness reports. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Private investigators potentially discover identity of Zodiac Killer

New revelations unearthed by a team of former cops may have unveiled the infamous serial killer. Earlier this month, a group of former law enforcement investigators called the Case Breakers claimed to have finally discovered the identity of the Zodiac Killer. In the late 1960s, a serial killer nicknamed the Zodiac Killer terrorized the Bay […]

The carnival was held Monday on Dietler Commons. photo by Tommy Reid

Homecoming events a welcome return as pandemic wanes

After last year’s events were stifled by COVID-19, TU enjoyed the usual festivities throughout Homecoming week. Homecoming 2021 is now complete, and it was a fantastic week celebrating the reunion of past classes with current students. This year, the theme that the Alumni Association chose for homecoming was “Let the Hurricane Roar.” This theme comes […]

Users were unable to access Facebook services for six hours last Monday. courtesy Pixaby

The social media site, alongside Instagram and Messenger, were unavailable for users last Monday.

The social media site, alongside Instagram and Messenger, were unavailable for users last Monday. Facebook. A company that has become ingrained in daily life for billions of users around the world, is a company that has seen much swift growth in the past while seeing much slower growth recently. This past Monday, despite being one […]

Donziger was put on house arrest in August 2019. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Environmental lawyer Donziger sentenced to prison

After his case against Chevron was overturned in the U.S., Steven Donziger has faced punishment for criminal contempt of court. Disbarred attorney and indigenous rights campaigner Steven Donziger was given the maximum sentence of six months in prison on Friday, Sept. 24. Only the day before, Donziger had asked the court to take into consideration […]

States and territories in green have banned the death penalty. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Oklahoma to resume capital punishment

Seven execution dates have been set by Oklahoma for prisoners on the state’s death row. After a six-year hiatus, the state of Oklahoma has decided to resume its execution of death row inmates despite national concerns. The execution dates of seven death row inmates have now been set. The suspension of death by lethal injection […]