Askin (left) received half the prize money; Morou (mid) and Strickland (right) split the other half. courtesy Nobel Media

2018 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to laser innovators

Physicists Arthur Askin, Gérard Morou and Donna Strickland were jointly awarded the prize. Lasers were the theme of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2018. The prize was awarded jointly to three people whose work in developing ways to manipulate lasers has opened up new areas of study in medicine and microbiology. One half of […]

Eye on the world

Anti-corruption activist dies from acid attack in Ukraine Anti-corruption activist Kateryna Handzyuk died last Sunday after undergoing 11 operations for acid burns. Handzyuk had been investigating police graft and political corruption in Kherson when a man doused her in sulphuric acid outside her home last July. From her hospital bed, she called for investigations into […]

Oklahoma poverty rates rise above the national average, with black people being the most affected group. courtesy Oklahoma Policy Institute

Oklahoma Policy Institute reveals 2017 poverty stats

The new statistics reveal that complex forces are driving up poverty rates in Oklahoma. Last week, the Oklahoma Policy Institute, a non-partisan think-tank that assesses the impact of state level policy, issued its yearly report on statistics concerning poverty in Oklahoma. The statistics come from the United States Census Bureau’s Survey on the American Community […]

TU Institute of Trauma seeks participants in nightmare study

TITAN is investigating nightmares caused by traumatic experiences and PTSD. Caitlin Paquet, a trial coordinator at The University of Tulsa Institute of Trauma, Adversity and Injustice (TITAN), is helping conduct studies on adults who experience nightmares following a traumatic event in their life, called the Nightmare Treatment Studies. The outcome of the study is predicted […]

University hosts open forum regarding curriculum

Students were invited to discuss block classes and major requirements with TU faculty. The University of Tulsa is currently undergoing an initiative to evaluate its core curriculum, which is comprised of the block class system and general education like the English, math and freshman experience classes. Last Wednesday, an open forum was held in Helmerich […]

How much of your voting records are online?

A look into voting record websites and how much real info they offer. In America, an individual’s voting record is at least somewhat public in all 50 states. President Trump had fallen into controversy when people found during the 2016 presidential race that he had not registered to vote until 1987. This worried some voters […]

High percentage of Okla. children unvaccinated

Oklahoma’s percentage of vaccinated children falls beneath the national average. Following a troubling national trend, more Oklahoma parents are seeking vaccine exemptions for their children. A recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention observed that the vaccine exemption rate increased by 0.3 percent between the 2016–17 and 2017–18 school years. The CDC […]

2018 midterm elections see GOP in offices across Okla.

The midterms saw a blue majority in the House and a single Democratic representative from Oklahoma. Rarely has there been as much participation in a U.S. election as there was in these midterms. According to NPR, voter turnout hit a 50-year high. For Oklahoma, most of the state stayed red. In the House of Representatives, […]

Groups of Lime scooters appeared suddenly on the south side of 11th Street on Oct. 26. photo by Ethan Veenker

Scooters roll into Tulsa and onto campus

The electric scooters seen around campus are a first in Tulsa, but don’t come without their concerns. Tulsa is in the midst of embracing the motorized scooter trend that’s been sweeping the nation. During the early morning hours of Oct. 26, Lime, an electric scooter company, dropped off roughly 100 motorized scooters downtown on 11th […]

Know your candidates: Oklahoma midterm elections 2018

Use the following brief descriptions to inform your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Election day is almost here. Staring down at a ballot full of unfamiliar names is difficult. Take five minutes to read through this list for a run-down on this election’s candidates. Governor Drew Edmondson (D) – Edmondson served in the Navy and […]