Henningsen founded Gen1TU in an effort to provide students with information they may not have had access to. courtesy Meagan Henningsen

TU freshman starts first-gen student support club

TU student Meagan Henningsen started Gen1TU, a club for first generation college students, when she noticed a lack of resources. The road to success and a four-year degree can be a challenge for anyone, but it becomes exponentially more difficult when no one has paved the road for you. According to a 2011 study by […]

Second patient free of HIV in London A global health milestone was replicated in London on Tuesday, March 5, as an adult man was functionally cured of HIV in an experimental research trial. This outcome is a result of a series of bone marrow transplants from an HIV-resistant donor, as well as rigorous stem cell […]

TU student embroiled in homophobic, racist controversy

The alleged prejudiced correspondence was revealed in leaked screenshots from a GroupMe group message. Last week, several screenshots leaked that depicted racist and homophobic messages being shared from the GroupMe account of a prominent former member in TU’s College Republicans chapter. We have chosen to keep the name of this student anonymous, as we have […]

McClendon’s data indicates that students ineligible to be diagnosed with a clinical condition make up the majority of students seeking counseling at TU. graphic by Conner Maggio

Counseling Services encourages group therapy

A conversation with the director of Counseling & Psychological Services reveals the logistics behind the recent push for group therapy. The Counseling and Psychological Services Center on campus recently implemented several big changes, including a push for students to participate in group therapy, a new $10 per session fee after 10 sessions and new assessment […]

India Launches Preemptive Strikes into Pakistan India’s military began launching cross-border strikes into Pakistan-controlled Kashmir on Tuesday, Feb. 26. This comes after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised a strong response after 40 were killed in a suicide bombing on Feb. 14 by terrorists of the group Jaish-e Mohammed. Modi claimed that the strikes destroyed […]

Clancy remarked that he favored the uses of CBD over those of THC. photo by Brooke-Lyne Holland

Dr. Clancy speaks on cannabis

President Clancy and TU law professor Dr. Bowman held an educational presentation on recent Oklahoma marijuana legislation. Early Careers in Community Medicine (ECCM), a program that allows highly qualified students to pursue an early provisional acceptance into the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine program, leading to an M.D. degree, hosted a school-wide educational forum […]

Though Nchanji has been released, his residence in the U.S. is now in jeopardy due to an invalid Visa. courtesy Fox23 News

Former TU soccer player absolved of sexual assault

Lesley Nchanji was recently acquitted of charges he faced after an on-campus event in June 2017. Two years after his arrest and expulsion from the university, former TU soccer player Lesley Nchanji has been acquitted on three counts of forcible sodomy and sexual battery. In June 2017, Nchanji brought a 19-year-old female student athlete back […]

White House officials may have attempted to share nuclear weapon technology with Saudi Arabia On Tuesday, the House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings announced that he was opening an investigation into the reports that senior White House officials pushed for a policy of sharing U.S. nuclear technology with Saudi Arabia. Those officials advocated […]

“Zombie Deer Disease” a misleading epithet

The chronic wasting disease isn’t a mystery confounding biologists, but is still a threat to wildlife. Recently, there has been an upsurge in the usage of the term “Zombie Deer Disease.” Fortunately, we are not looking at the start of the apocalypse or even at a new disease. The real illness is called chronic wasting […]

President Trump, Elizabeth Warren and the Trail of Tears

Trump’s recent remarks against Elizabeth Warren have been criticized as racist. Hours after Elizabeth Warren officially announced her 2020 presidential bid, President Trump offered his opinion on his campaign opponent’s announcement with a tweet that critics interpreted as a joke about the Trail of Tears. “Today Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to by me as Pocahontas, […]