Brown received clemency for turning her life around, which included obtaining a college degree in 2015. courtesy NBC

Cyntoia Brown granted clemency

Sentenced at 16, Brown’s case gained sizable social media traction before being reopened. After 15 years in prison, dozens of celebrities’ and activists’ attention and a documentary produced about her, Cyntoia Brown has been granted clemency by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and had her sentence commuted. Commutation, unlike a pardon, does not mean a crime […]

Vice President Pence swore Sinema into the Senate on Jan. 3. courtesy Huffington Post

Kyrsten Sinema first openly bisexual senator

The Arizona senator was recently sworn in and identifies as a conservative Democrat. Kyrsten Sinema was elected to the United States Senate in January of this year, beginning her term as a senator for Arizona. A member of the Democratic Party, Sinema defeated her Republican opponent Martha McSally in a narrow race. However, Sinema will […]

Pelosi shows off the Speaker’s gavel upon attaining her new position. courtesy NPR

Nancy Pelosi elected Speaker for second time

Pelosi is hopeful that, during her second period holding the position, she can effectively combat Republican legislation. Nancy Pelosi was officially elected the new House Speaker in a majority vote by the House of Representatives at the beginning of January. She defeated Republican nominee Kevin McCarthy, who became the House Minority Leader. For the second […]

Eye On The World

US partial government shutdown the longest in history Caused by President Trump’s demand for over $5 billion toward a border wall, the partial shutdown of the federal government has now reached 22 days — the longest in U.S. history. The shutdown has left hundreds of thousands of federal workers without pay, many of whom are […]

Incumbent Republican candidate President Donald Trump (left) could be pitted against any of the Democrats pictured opposite. From left to right: (top row) Elizabeth Warren, John Delaney, Richard Ojeda, (bottom row) Julián Castro, Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard. graphic by Conner Maggio

A rundown of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate hopefuls

Though it is likely that not everyone has announced their bid, six Democrats have so far. Because the majority of the Republican party refers to Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, this article will only cover Democratic candidates. Elizabeth Warren – Warren rose to celebrity in her duel of wills with President Trump over her […]

Researchers give the colorful insects a 72 percent chance of going extinct in the next two decades. courtesy Wikipedia

Monarch butterflies dying

Scientists warn of a possible extinction on the horizon for the insects. Monarch butterflies are common sights at TU. However, catastrophic drops in the populations of these iconic insects are occurring all over the United States. Monarchs migrate to California and Mexico for the winter. The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation recorded an 86 percent […]

Former TU student sentenced

Zach Martin was sentenced to five years in prison after crimes committed at the end of 2017. After being dismissed from the University of Tulsa in December 2017, 19-year-old Zach Martin was recently sentenced to five years in prison on four counts of sexual assault. Martin, a former member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, […]

Askin (left) received half the prize money; Morou (mid) and Strickland (right) split the other half. courtesy Nobel Media

2018 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to laser innovators

Physicists Arthur Askin, Gérard Morou and Donna Strickland were jointly awarded the prize. Lasers were the theme of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2018. The prize was awarded jointly to three people whose work in developing ways to manipulate lasers has opened up new areas of study in medicine and microbiology. One half of […]

Eye on the world

Anti-corruption activist dies from acid attack in Ukraine Anti-corruption activist Kateryna Handzyuk died last Sunday after undergoing 11 operations for acid burns. Handzyuk had been investigating police graft and political corruption in Kherson when a man doused her in sulphuric acid outside her home last July. From her hospital bed, she called for investigations into […]

Oklahoma poverty rates rise above the national average, with black people being the most affected group. courtesy Oklahoma Policy Institute

Oklahoma Policy Institute reveals 2017 poverty stats

The new statistics reveal that complex forces are driving up poverty rates in Oklahoma. Last week, the Oklahoma Policy Institute, a non-partisan think-tank that assesses the impact of state level policy, issued its yearly report on statistics concerning poverty in Oklahoma. The statistics come from the United States Census Bureau’s Survey on the American Community […]