President Clancy steps down, citing medical issues

Effective Jan. 17, Provost Janet Levit has been temporarily designated as acting President of the University of Tulsa. President Gerard Clancy informed the Board of Trustees that due to medical issues, he will be unable to fulfill his duties as President of the University for a number of weeks. This appointment was announced by Frederic […]

US killing of Iranian general causes tensions

In response to the missile strike, Iran has retaliated both militarily and politically. On Friday, Jan. 3, President Trump authorized a drone strike that killed Major Qassim Suleimani, a commander in the Iranian military, as well as multiple officials in the Iraqi Shiite militias supported by Tehran. The strike came during Suleimani’s visit to Iraq […]

The largest Casino in the world, WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, is owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation, one of the tribes suing Governor Kevin Stitt. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Stitt proposes 25 percent tax on native gaming

Disagreement between Kevin Stitt and three Oklahoma tribes leaves the gaming industry in question. On Dec. 31, the three largest gaming tribes in Oklahoma — the Cherokee, Chickasaw and Choctaw — filed a lawsuit in the Oklahoma City federal court, naming Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt as its defendant. This lawsuit marks the latest development in […]

The United States flag flying above the Progress Pride flag at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center. photo by Madison Connell

Rural US contains fewer resources for LGBTQ+ healthcare

The LGBTQ+ community faces healthcare discrimination, even with basic care. Across rural parts of America, the LGBTQ+ community’s needs remain largely unmet by healthcare professionals. Despite media portrayal of the group mainly inhabiting large cities, the LGBTQ+ community represents somewhere between three and five percent of adults and roughly 10 percent of youth in rural […]

The wombat, an Australian mammal whose burrows have provided space for smaller animals to escape the fire. courtesy JJ Harrison, Wikimedia Common

Australian wildfires devastate wildlife, unclear if new rain will help

The fires in Australia have burnt the equivalent area of South Korea or Portland, according to The Guardian. Sparking outrage and ecological concerns, the ongoing Australian wildfires are part of the country’s worst fire seasons on record. As of this week, the Australian Broadcasting Company reports the damage has so far totaled to 24 million […]

TU bond rating drop may signal further cuts

The University of Tulsa’s bond rating lowered two tiers in two years, risking accreditation. On Dec. 19, Moody’s Investor Service, a major credit rating company, updated the status of the University of Tulsa’s revenue and student housing bonds. The downgrade — which shifted TU from its previously held Baa1 designation to Baa3 — involved a […]

Eye on the World 1/20/20

Ukrainian passenger jet crashes in Iran On Jan. 8, a Ukrainian passenger jet was shot down over Iran, and its subsequent crash resulted in the death of 176 people. Flight 752 had just taken off from Tehran’s airport when it was mistakenly shot down by the Iranian military, but the Tehran government denied that story […]

Faculty vote: no confidence in Clancy, Levit

The faculty voted no confidence 157-44 against President Clancy and 161-41 against Provost Levit. On Wednesday, Nov. 13, 202 out of approximately 344 eligible faculty at the University of Tulsa took part in a motion of no-confidence vote for both President Gerard Clancy and Provost Janet Levit. The results of this vote totaled 157-44 against […]

Bolivian election contested

Former Bolivian president Evo Morales stepped down following military pressure. Last month, on Oct. 20, Bolivia held presidential elections, electing Evo Morales to a fourth term. Questions were raised as to the constitutionality of him standing for a fourth election, but the country’s supreme court ruled term limits to be unconstitutional. According to the official […]

Hong Kong violence escalates

Tensions rise between Hong Kong protestors and police. Pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong have been going on for months now, and have recently picked up to a fever pitch. This past week Hong Kong has been effectively shut down due to protesters flooding roads and causing havoc on public transport. Universities across Hong Kong have […]