Green the Vote has been a driving force in Oklahoma marijuana petitions. courtesy KOKH

Green in Green Country: a history of marijuna in Okla.

Recent State Question referendums and petitions have enacted a turbulent period of marijuana legislation in Oklahoma. Medical marijuana was recently legalized in Oklahoma, making it the 30th state to do so. After nearly a century of anti-cannabis legislation, the laws and governing bodies of Oklahoma had to revise and create new strategies to deal with […]

Eye on the World

Rail train to link Hong Kong to mainland China A bullet train connecting Hong Kong and mainland China launched in an opening ceremony last Saturday. The commute between the southern city of Guangzhou and Hong Kong is now 40 minutes, less than half the time of older trains. Officials say the new train will help […]

Handshake replaces Golden OpporTUnities

Handshake serves in place of Golden OpporTUnities as a hub for student internships, job positions and more. Handshake is an online job-search platform with many functions, built specifically for students. It was introduced this year as TU’s replacement for Golden OpporTUnities. Students can upload digital résumés, look at job listings, check on upcoming campus events, […]

LIBR program targets college student stress

College students can be compensated for participation in the program, which is individually tailored for one’s stress levels. Jessica Santiago, a Licensed Professional Counselor/Mental Health Therapist, works on therapy studies at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research. Her primary job is to oversee multiple therapy studies currently running at LIBR — more specifically, a study […]

Hurricane Florence ravages East Coast

After making landfall, the hurricane took dozens of lives and wrecked coastal infrastructure. Hurricane Florence made landfall in South Carolina on September 14 as a Category 1 hurricane after fluctuating back and forth between a Category 4 (more severe) and a tropical depression (less). The greatest danger it posed was not in the form of […]

Campus climate survey results

TU hosted a community discussion on the survey’s results, revealing the statistics for those affected by sexual assault on campus. The Student Union was pleasantly packed with people this past Friday during lunch time, all gathered to discuss the results of the Campus Climate survey. Dr. Joanna Davis, a professor of psychology, and the co-founder […]

Commentary Editor Emily Every poses with Harvey for a farewell pic. photo by Emily Every

A talk with Harvey: homelessness, faith, redemption

Night Light Tulsa invited The Collegian to converse with Harvey and discuss his life, chiefly about his journey through homelessness. I had been put in touch Harvey to hear his long experience with homelessness and share his perspective on how homelessness continues to affect others. I met up with him last Thursday at a volunteer […]

courtesy Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office

Oklahoma governor candidate indicted on murder-for-hire

The eclectic Joe Exotic, equal parts politician and safari zoo runner, holds a few dark secrets. Oklahoma native, zookeeper and previous presidential candidate “Joe Exotic” was indicted on two murder-for-hire charges on September 7. A press release from the Department of Justice alleges he paid an unnamed person $3,000 in November of last year “to […]

Each speaker had a different perspective on the "gap" in healthcare equality, and how to bridge it. courtesy University of Tulsa Events Calendar

TU hosts experts to discuss American healthcare crisis

Six speakers, including President Clancy, took the stage at the Helmerich Center for American Research to discuss healthcare. The University of Tulsa hosted “The Roots of America’s Health Continental Divide,” a speaking event, last Tuesday. It occurred within the Helmerich Center for American Research at the Gilcrease Museum (technically still on the university campus). The […]

YMCA volunteers paint a hopscotch pattern on pavement. photo by Kaitlyn Argo

Day of Caring in Tulsa: a time of service inside and outdoors

The Day of Caring, a Tulsa staple for most of the 2000s, proceeded as usual this year with contributions from TU. This past Friday was the United Way Day of Caring in Tulsa. Day of Caring is a day where various organizations and businesses volunteer around the Tulsa area in different ways for United Way […]