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Revealing the TU sexual assault investigation process

With a perceived rise in sexual assaults on TU’s campus comes an increased effort to investigate past and prevent future sexual assault cases. University of Tulsa Dean of Students, Mike Mills, explained the basic logistics of what happens when a student makes a complaint to the university. As the former acting Title IX coordinator on […]

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Get that job with help from TU’s Career Services

Whether TU students are out looking for jobs post-graduation or for summer internships, the process can be frustrating and expectations often seem unclear. For those of us trying to distinguish ourselves from the hordes of frazzled millennials trying to scavenge for a steady income, Art Tyndall at Career Services has provided a simple how-to guide […]

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TU holds documentary screening about US rape kit backlog

TU partnered with the Joyful Heart Foundation to screen “I Am Evidence,” spotlighting the high number of untested rape kits in the US. The University of Tulsa partnered with the Joyful Heart Foundation on Saturday to host a private screening of “I Am Evidence,” an HBO documentary film that chronicles the disturbing number of untested […]

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Students organize upcoming Special Collections exhibit

Students present, as part of the course, “Cultural Responses to War in the 20th Century” on WWI from a millennial point of view. Soon Special Collections at McFarlin will host a new exhibit, this one coordinated by students. For Professor Kirsten Old’s Cultural Responses to War in the 20th Century class, students organized an exhibit […]

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TU’s colorful plans for celebrating pride month

SA transformed October into Pride Month at TU for the second year in a row, this time hoping to be both fun and educational. Although June has been designated as LGBT Pride Month, in honor of the Stonewall Riots, October is considered LGBT History Month. TU’s celebration of Pride spans October to November. This year […]

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Students uncover cultural identity through masks

Student Association, the Association of International Students and the Multicultural Resource Center collaborated to show off students’ complex identities. If you happen to stop into the Multicultural Resource Center soon, you’ll see a scattering of masks lining the walls. These masks were produced for the Multicultural Identity Mask Project, in collaboration between SA, MRC and […]

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TU celebrates inaugural Native American Heritage Month

SA’s committee for diversity and multiculturalism will host several events in celebration of Native American culture, including a pow-wow. November is designated as National Native American Heritage Month, and for the first time, TU is taking part in this celebration. The celebration has been primarily organized by SA’s committee for diversity and multiculturalism, headed by […]

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FSU student death reignites concerns of campus alcohol use

The death of a Florida State University student has made college administrators more wary than ever of alcohol-promoting parties. On November 7, State Rep. Todd Russ, R- Cordell, issued a call to all Oklahoma college presidents to stop alcohol- and drug-related parties on campuses immediately. Russ issued his statement following the alcohol-related death of a […]

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25th amdt. key for Donald Trump’s removal from office

Searches for the 25th amendment recently reached an all-time high, implying a particular interest in presidential impeachment. The Constitution of the United States of America provides the foundation of how the government should operate. Written in 1787, some may argue that the constitution is outdated. However, it has proven to still be relevant over 229 […]

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TU holds information session on Title IX

with a perceived rise in sexual assaults on TU’s campus comes an increased efforts to investigate past and prevent future sexual assault cases. Listen up, everyone but especially ladies and members of the trans community! You’re about to be educated on your rights given to you by the glamorous Title IX. On Thursday, November 9, […]