Congressman Matt Gaetz has served three terms as the representative for Florida’s first Congressional District. courtesy Flickr

Gaetz and Greenberg investigated for sex trafficking

The House Ethics Committee has opened an investigation against Florida representative Matt Gaetz for his involvement with Joel Greenberg, who was federally indicted on 33 counts including sex trafficking of a 17 year old girl. According to the court, he engaged in a “sugar daddy” relationship with her, a relationship defined as a rich older […]

The last time Amazon workers voted on whether to unionize was in 2014 when a warehouse of only 30 employees in Delaware voted, significantly smaller than Bessemer’s 6,000 employee warehouse. courtesy Flickr

Alabama Amazon workers vote against unionizing

Despite coming under fire for allegations of poor treatment of employees, Alabama Amazon employees recently voted against forming a union. Amazon started in 1994 as a family owned online bookstore started by Jeff Bezos and his former wife MacKenzie Scott. In 28 years it has transitioned from the simple idea of having a bookstore on […]

Out of 23 Cabinet and Cabinet-level positions, the Biden administration has had 21 confirmed. graphic by Emma Palmer

Biden’s presidential cabinet confirmations

Following his inauguration on Jan. 20, President Joe Biden started to assemble the most diverse Cabinet in United States history. The Senate has already confirmed Biden’s nominations for the core 15 positions; of the additional eight Cabinet-level positions, the Senate has confirmed six. Of the 21 confirmed positions, Biden’s Cabinet is 45 percent female and […]

The Suez Canal is an artificial canal dividing Africa and Asia, connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. photo via Wikimedia Commons

Blocked Suez Canal disrupts international shipping

This past week, there was a major disruption to international shipping. The cargo ship the Ever Given became stuck in the Suez Canal, resulting in a canal blockage. This strange incident halted all shipping and trade passing through the Suez Canal. On Tuesday, March 23, the Ever Given was traveling through the Suez Canal when […]

Classrooms throughout the country can now hold larger classes with desks moved closer together. photo via Tulsa World

CDC to adjust COVID-19 guidelines in schools

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently changed the social distancing guidelines for K-12 schools to recommend that individuals remain three feet apart and maintain mask usage. This is a big step for schools due to the difficulties they have been facing regarding keeping everyone safe with in-person learning. Throughout the pandemic, some […]

The Keystone XL pipeline would have brought fossil fuels from Canada into the U.S. photo via Wikimedia Commons

A timeline of Biden and the oil industry

Biden’s campaign consisted of a new plan for the U.S. oil industry in order to combat climate change. His administration introduced the Biden Plan, which intended to “ensure the U.S. achieves a 100 percentclean energy economy and reaches a net-zero emissions no later than 2050.” Since his term began, he has revoked the Keystone XL […]

Gatherings of vaccinated people safe, CDC states

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a new guide with regulations for individuals that are fully vaccinated. The biggest takeaway from the update is that those who are fully vaccinated can now visit with others that are fully vaccinated without wearing masks or social distancing. […]

Tribal Nations open COVID-19 appointments to all Oklahomans

As states across the country have struggled to find the most efficient and effective ways to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine, tribal nations in Oklahoma have vaccinated their own communities at record-breaking rates. Now, having offered vaccination appointments to all of their own citizens, several tribes have also opened appointments to all Oklahoma residents. Any […]

Student Association holds 2021 elections on Harvey

Every spring, the Student Association (SA) holds its elections for officer positions. The elections this spring will be held March 24 and 25 on Harvey. Running in this election are six students for four offices. Kareem Ihmedian is running unopposed for president, Lanie McKinney and Sean O’Brien are running for vice president, Kaitlin Argo is […]

TU Outdoors is open every night from 7 p.m. to midnight until the end of the semester. photo by Tommy Reid

TU opens new outdoor space for students

Several weeks ago, TU opened a new outdoor space for students. TU Outdoors at Thomas Plaza was opened as a place for students to gather in the evenings and have a relaxing time talking, playing yard games and enjoying sitting by fire pits. Open seven nights per week from 7 p.m. to midnight, March 1 […]