TU Law school expands program, lowers tuition

The University of Tulsa’s Law School has announced a new tuition program to take effect in 2017. The Access to Legal Education Tuition will be $24,600 per year for full-time juris doctor students, significantly cheaper than the $37,960 tuition of our current academic term. Lyn Entzeroth, the dean of TU’s College of Law, said the […]

Grandson of Oral Roberts begins publishing memoir

Randy Potts’ memoir, The Bible Went Down With The Birdie Jean, is every bit as interesting and complex as his family’s legacy, but perhaps less scandalous. Potts is the grandson of Oral Roberts, often dubbed the first televangelist and of course the namesake of the rather infamous university. Robert’s preachings and promotional faith healings reached […]

SA budget provides new services to students

At the beginning of every year, the president of SA proposes a budget under which the rest of SA will operate. The final numbers for SA’s income still are not in yet, and probably won’t be for another week or two, but president Haley Anderson has proposed a tentative budget. For the most part, it […]

SA forms new departments to support diversity

The Student Association has made many changes in the structure of its Cabinet system in recent months, but the most prominent change is in its Student Awareness and Multicultural Affairs Departments, as SA President Haley Anderson explains. In the past, the two departments have had been grouped together and given similar goals and tasks, leading […]

Letter to the Editor

I recently read the September 7th article “Prevention requires discussion: Sexual assault & harassment,” and while I agree that it is important to examine the way in which sexual violence is reported and investigated at TU, the article left me feeling upset and uncomfortable for different reasons. The article begins with an account of the […]

President Upham’s farewell letter

Dear TU Students, As Peggy and I begin our final semester as TU president and first lady, we are proud of everything the university community has accomplished during the past 12 years. We are also grateful for the steadfast support of so many talented students. The TU student body is a talented and accomplished group. […]

PR and Communication Club receives SA charter

The PR and Communication Club, chartered August 30, was created “to unite students with similar interests and introduce them to scholarships, internships, and job opportunities.” The club’s founder and president Karoline Newell has said the goal of the club is to “aid in the development of well-rounded communication professionals that can enter the community representing […]

TU Conservative Union forms official organization

Student Association recently chartered the new group TU Conservative Union, or TU Conservatives. Brennen VanderVeen, the group’s president, describes the club as “a discussion group for current events, public policy, and conservative philosophy.” This doesn’t mean, however that the group is associated with the Republican party or is aiming to support local or national candidates. […]

Local theater group wants to create conversations, not just art

Tulsa’s Theater Pops is one of several companies that perform locally. Their last production, Heathers, dealt with a range of issues from high school years and beyond, including eating disorders, homophobia, and bullying. After the musical, information on all the topics discussed during the musical was available for those interested in learning more or needing […]

Research shows benefits of Tulsa’s Head Start programs

Almost two decades after the program’s inception, research shows that Oklahoma is reaping the benefits of its Head Start programs. The Head Start program was implemented federally by the US Department of Health and Human Services to provide accessible preschool education to low-income families and has since expanded to meet the needs of a growing […]