A computer with the mind of a child

Computer science is an ever changing field, and many await to see which new gadgets will be buzzed about in the tech industry. One very hot topic is Artificial Intelligence, or AI. AI is a machine’s ability to mimic a human’s consciousness and self-awareness. Machines can already do so much from pattern recognition and identification […]

School shootings rattle campuses nationwide

On October 1, Chris Harper-Mercer, a student at Umpqua Community College killed nine of his classmates and himself in a school shooting. As many as twenty others were injured. On the previous day an anonymous and fairly ambiguous threat had been posted to the imageboard “4chan.” Because of the anonymity of the post, it is […]

Lesser-known Democratic candidate profiles

Martin O’Malley: Martin O’Malley is a former Governor of Maryland, Mayor of Baltimore and Baltimore City Councilman. O’Malley is most famous for having decreased crime rates by 40 percent in Baltimore during his term as mayor, which allowed for economic revitalization. He did so with a drastically increased amount of arrests, which gave him a […]

In the near future, robots could be run by bacteria

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the tech world. AI is the idea that a machine could not only speak and act like a human; but also be consciously aware of itself and its surroundings. Studies on AI have been conducted for decades. Some hypothesize that one would teach the machine as one might […]

Candidate Profile: Donald Trump

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump continued to draw media and social media attention this week, gaining over 70,000 Twitter followers while live-tweeting during the first Democratic debates on Tuesday night. This total was more than the entire Democratic field combined where Bernie Sanders gained 46,000 followers and Hillary Clinton gained 10,000. “I think Trump brings a […]

4.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Cushing amid debate

During the early morning of Sunday, Oct 10, a 4.5 magnitude earthquake shook a great portion of north-central Oklahoma. Those who were woken by the tremor flooded social media with concerned posts around 4:30 a.m. The epicenter was near Cushing, Oklahoma, a major crude oil trading hub, where 85 million barrels of oil are stored […]

Execution in Oklahoma: A history

A History The death penalty is a highly controversial subject. Crimes punishable by death in the English American colonies included adultery, rape, blasphemy, manslaughter, rebellion, bestiality and poisoning. The first execution on record in America was in 1608 in the colony of Virginia. Since then, the laws have softened considerably. The death penalty was first […]

Glanz resigns amid scandal

This past week, Stanley Glanz, former sheriff of Tulsa county, has resigned amidst rumors of corruption and attack on his office. The resignation came only hours before the federal grand jury had determined to indict Glanz and demanded his removal from office. Glanz is being charged with failure to release information about Robert Bates, a […]

Erik Larson gives lecture on his work

After an introduction by Dr. Brian Hosmer, guest speaker Erik Larson took the stage in the Reynolds Center to give the first presidential lecture of the semester. Larson is the author of nine works of narrative nonfiction. His most recent book, Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania, was published earlier this year and […]

What’s next for TU?

At the end of last summer, TU celebrated the completion of a multi-year project. The project consisted of multiple renovations, the relocation of the TU bookstore, construction of a fountain and the newly built Hardesty Hall. President Upham commented on the project. It “has been incredibly exciting and a lot of good things have happened. […]