Frontier writers hope to avoid advertising bias

Last spring, a small group of journalists backed by former Tulsa World publisher Robert Lorton III set up shop in the Tulsa area to create a new form of journalism that seeks to eliminate the bias found in nearly every news source. This online, for-profit corporation is called the Frontier, and they plan on succeeding […]

S.A.V.E hosts suicide prevention event

Last Wednesday found roughly twenty students gathered in a Lorton Lecture Hall. The event was hosted by the Student Alliance for Violence Education at TU, which is a group that works to promote knowledge about how to prevent self-violence as a bystander. SAVE invited Dr. Julie Summers, the Director of Outreach and Prevention for Mental […]

Candidate Profile: Carly Fiorina

In third place behind Ben Carson and Donald Trump, according to some polls, Carly Fiorina has emerged as an interesting dark horse. Fiorina, the first female Chief Executive Officer of a Fortune 20 company, has taken conservative-to-moderate stances on many of today’s major issues. Fiorina is best known for being the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard […]

TU learns to spell

In celebration of 15 successful years of Hurricane Thursdays, last Thursday the University decided to break the world record for the largest human letter. Over 1100 students, staff and Tulsa residents arrived at the Chapman Stadium for free Jimmy Johns sandwiches, T-shirts and the opportunity to set a record in the “Guinness Book of World […]

TU 4 Bernie Sanders denied charter by SA

Student Association is charged with chartering student groups. Once chartered, a group can receive funding from SA and able to reserve rooms in the Student Union and other places for free. On September 29, TU for Bernie Sanders, a student group dedicated to promoting the presidential candidate and his ideas, was denied a charter. The […]

TU 4 Bernie Sanders promotes Bernie, political activism

With the 2016 presidential race in full swing, many citizens are watching and listening intently to the hopeful candidates. Some of these citizens are here on campus, and they have their eyes and ears firmly set on one candidate in particular, the 74-year-old Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders. A progressivist at heart, Sanders has gained tremendous […]

Voices for acceptance

Each of the three individuals at the panel were asked to share their stories, specifically about their experiences and struggles being both transgender and people of color. The first panelist spoke about her struggles as a transgender African-American woman. Born and raised in Tulsa, she eventually went to New York City for college where she […]

Candidate Profile: Bernie Sanders

With the 2016 Presidential heating up, some voters are beginning to “Feel the Bern.” Independent senator turned Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders has been trailing behind frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the polls so far this election season, but that does not mean he is lacking voter support. Standing on a progressive platform, Sanders has gained popularity […]

Trump speaks at state fair in Oklahoma City

Republican candidate Donald Trump spoke to a large crowd at the Oklahoma State Fair last Friday. Though scheduled to speak at six, Trump did not arrive until 6:30 pm. Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey gave an opening speech which garnered little applause. Then, to kill time until the presidential hopeful arrived, a young Oklahoma fiddle player […]

SA holds senate elections

SA’s legislative body is its senate, composed of 34 total seats. The seats are divided into different constituencies. Five seats are at-large. Each academic college, including the College of Law, the Graduate School and the new College of Health Sciences, receives two seats. Apartments, commuters and residence halls all get five, while Greek housing gets […]